Watson and Weather Patterns

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I’m back to the regularly scheduled post about my previous week…wherein there are lots of pictures and again; probably less words…

Honestly – almost every single picture I have of the past week relates to those two things. My precious puppy dog and the crazy weather that rolled into town this past weekend. I honestly can’t believe that Thanksgiving is in 48 hours; this month has passed in such a blur, and I haven’t even been that busy! I’m sure I’ll blink and December will have come and gone.

I feel like there is just not a lot to share from this past week. I feel like most of November has been that way – things happened – none of them seem remarkable. This past month has been more ordinary than extraordinary…if that makes sense?


That Face – Clearly he’s saying “Can I help you with something?”

Monday evening after work I just went full on Christmas crazy and decorated my tree. Lights + deco mesh + ornaments…the whole shebang. I even turned on the Christmas music and Watson snuggled himself under the finished tree just long enough for me to snap a picture of his adorableness. I even learned that Minnesota, Maine and New York are the states most likely to have the often dreamt of “white Christmas”…

Post work every day was honestly just spent doing a whole lot of nothing… I ate supper, took some walks with the dog, watched some TV here and there and read a little bit every now and then (I’m currently reading The Devil in the White City). As you can see, I was doing a whole lot of nothing ~ except apparently taking lots of pictures of my precious and goofy little pup doing things like warming his tail by the fire and napping in a pile of sunshine on my bed…

The work week was pretty hectic and so I was glad to see Friday arrive. The work day was made better by a quick lunch run to Panera – I could eat their broccoli cheddar soup all day long – and an afternoon Starbucks trip made by one of my co-workers. Nothing like a Chestnut Praline Latte to perk you up on when you’re feeling lazy on a Friday afternoon!


If I could sum up a large portion of my weekend in one picture – it would be the one pictured below.


Watson had to look away – it was too intense!


I watched copious amounts of White Collar on Netflix. Seriously – that was a generous portion of my weekend and I am 100% fine with that. I watched a couple episodes on Friday night until I thought I was about to fall asleep on my couch…a comfy couch and a cozy blanket will do that to you!

Saturday morning dawned warm – the weather was hovering somewhere around 68 or 69 by about noon. After drinking coffee and whiling away the morning, my Dad and I left the house around 1:00 to run some errands and go see Dr. Strange. When we went into the movies at 1:50, the wind had picked up and clouds were rolling in…it was still hovering somewhere around 68 and I was thinking that wearing a long sleeve cardigan was a really poor choice. When we emerged from the movies at 4:00, the temperature had dropped to a brisk 45 and the wind (the cold, cold wind) was whipping at 28 miles per hour! What a difference a few hours can make!

The rather abrupt change in weather was a little bit nuts – but it did bring about some absolutely amazing colors in the skies above. The clouds shifted and changed from blazing a vivid orange to a pale pink and then just minutes later a steely bluish purple hue. I snapped some pictures all while trying not to lose the hood I had on in the whipping wind…which Watson was reveling in, hopping and leaping, enjoying feeling his ears flying in the “breeze”…


Sunday Sunshine.

I was planning to join a friend for church on Sunday morning but felt unwell and so I had to call in a raincheck. I ended up being lazy for a little while and then tackling the wrapping of some presents before beginning the laundry… Watson was my ever faithful supervisor and was even kind enough to pose beside the Christmas tree for a quick picture.


Precious little gift…

Sunday passed quickly…I feel like Sunday always does though. The weekend starts to speed toward it’s conclusion and the inevitable arrival of Monday looms large once more! After spending the afternoon catching up on some shows I’d DVR’ed during the week (Poldark & Timeless) I joined my Dad for supper at Panda Express (the first time I’ve ever eaten there…) and then watched Westworld before turning in for the night.



Another week come and gone. A good week; a week without too many stresses (once the work day was done at least), which is always nice. And so now, here we are…two days until Thanksgiving, eight days until December, thirty-two days until Christmas and just thirty-eight days left in 2016. Here’s hoping that those final thirty-eight days are filled with good thing, few stresses and happy moments.

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