Five on Friday

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Friday is here. Everyone do the little praise hands emoji with me…am I right?

Feel free to join in for this week’s (and every week’s) edition of Five on Friday. I’m linking up with April of A. Liz Adventures and Christina of Carolina Charm and you are welcome to link up too! The more the merrier!

One. The 2016 Cy Young Award Winner – is Max Scherzer, of my beloved Washington Nationals! After a season where Max led the entirety of the MLB with strikeouts and threw fire on his way to a 20 strikeout game (which I attended on May 11, 2016) Mad Max was duly awarded the 2016 Cy Young Award earlier this week! Mad Max is always so much fun to watch – he takes the mound, stalks the mound and throws fire – every chance to see him pitch is a thrill and he is so deserving! Not only is Max one of only four MLB pitchers to throw a 20 strikeout game, with this year’s Cy Young win he becomes one of just six pitchers to win the Cy Young in both divisions (he won with the Detroit Tigers of the American League in 2012). All that brings me to…

Image result for Max Scherzer Cy Young 2016

Two. Countdowns – One of those goofy quirky things that I just love. Watching a highlight reel from Max’s season after his Cy Young win made me think “how many days till baseball season starts again?!?” I have an app on my phone called Countdown+ and I live for that thing… I love popping it open, adding something to look forward to and knowing that it will be counting down the days! Weird – a little. But hey…at least I know there are only (ONLY…too many) 136 days till baseball season begins again!

Three. White Collar – I am kind of in love with this show! I love that Netflix allows me the chance to catch up on shows that I would have never discovered (or had time to watch) otherwise! White Collar follows Neal Caffrey; an art and securities thief, counterfeiter and conman who is released into the custody of FBI White Collar agent Peter Burke as a consultant. Neal helps Peter Burke solve crimes within the White Collar division of the New York FBI office while wrestling with trying to build a life for himself outside of prison or returning to his old cons. Also of note – Burke’s wife is Kelly Kapowski…er, I mean Tiffani Theissen – blast from the past much?

Image result for White Collar

Four. What to Do With – My Hair…because I have an appointment on Tuesday and I cannot make up my mind! I think that I don’t want to change the length…but then I flip flop on that a bit. I am not sure if I want to go back to the dark red I had last Winter or leave it a dark brunette… So many options and I simply have no clue what to do! Maybe I’ll just go in and tell my friend and hair stylist extraordinaire to do whatever she wants? Ha!

Five. All Things Christmas – I’m pretty well entrenched in the spirit of Christmas over here! I have my Christmas tree up and I even wrapped some presents this week and tucked them under the tree! I haven’t busted out the Christmas movies quite yet but I did go see White Christmas last week and it was wonderful! I’ve been filling my coffee with Christmas cheer by using Peppermint Mocha and Sugar Cookie creamer and I may or may not be listening to Christmas music right now. Basically…I just love this time of the year and can’t believe that there are only 36 days left to Christmas!

I’m ready for the Christmas season – but I’m not quite ready for Christmas day itself – still too much to be bought, ha-ha!

Image result for Christmas Meme

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