Five on Friday

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It’s time for another edition of Five on Friday – feel free to join along!

One. Happy Veteran’s Day – To anyone and everyone who has felt the call to serve our country; a heartfelt thank you. Our country offers freedoms that many people could not and do not have and it’s because of the sacrifice and service of the men and women that make up our armed forces. It’s said often but it’s so true: we are the land of the free because of the brave.

Two of MY favorite service members – cutting a rug at USAFA graduation!

Two. American Horror Story – As in; I have been binging this show like crazy! I’m just as surprised as you are…I do NOT watch horror movies; they’ve never been my thing, but I am pretty hooked on this show! I’d seen all of seasons three and four (Coven & Freak Show), but courtesy of Netflix I’ve spent the past couple weeks making my way through seasons one, two and five…(Murder House, Asylum & Hotel). The fifth season (Hotel) is hands down my favorite. Does anyone else watch this show besides me and my friends Danielle & Meridith? Anyone else ever fallen into binging a show that wouldn’t normally be “your thing”.

Three. Music – I always fixate on songs when I’m dealing with anything; I’ve always loved music and whenever I find a song that just “fits” my mood/situation/feelings, I tend to play it on repeat. I mentioned in a post from last week the rending of a friendship and the song “Somebody That I Used to Know” has just been on loop in my head…and in my car… Anyone else get that way about songs?

And yes – I prefer Glee’s version to the original version…

Four. Sweet Nola’s – A restaurant here in the little Northern Virginia town where I live; it has some of the best Cajun food I’ve ever eaten, and I used to go to New Orleans on the weekend(s) in college. It’s most definitely one of those “hole in the wall” type places…but then again, they’re always the best! My friends and I went for supper here on Wednesday night and I’m still thinking about the delicious food… Oh – and they have Krispy Kreme bread pudding for dessert! Take me back now please!

Image result for Sweet Nola's

Five. Weekend Plans – Which include going to a party/get together on the mountaintop tonight and having tea with a friend tomorrow. Otherwise, there isn’t too much on the agenda…although I honestly had given some thought to dragging out a Christmas tree and at least putting lights on it. It’s not too soon, right?

Image result for Christmas Meme

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