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All the pictures – that is honestly what I should call this post. This week’s recap will likely be short on words but it will most certainly be long on pictures. The majority of the pictures are from a Sunday afternoon spent finally…finally seeing some Fall color show itself in the trees! The weather here in Northern Virginia has been finicky at best; 75 one day, 55 the next, then back up to 80 for the weekend before snapping back down to 60. The trees have mostly just turned a crispy burnt orange and dropped their leaves without much of a display but my Mom and I were bound and determined to find something colorful on Sunday afternoon…

However – as always – I get ahead of myself…

On Halloween night I had the joy of experiencing something completely new: waiting for little people to come trick or treating at the front door! I suppose I’ve always lived out in the country until now and so I was thrilled to hear the ring of the doorbell and see all manner of little creatures happily hoisting buckets and bags upwards with a shout of “TRICK OR TREAT”. Most of our little visitors were polite; one going so far as to happily hand back some Whoppers with a sweet “oh thank you, but I don’t eat these…” (I’m with you kid) and only one kid really tried to take half the bowl of candy. Our most favorite little candy fiends arrived last and visited for a bit and of course; because it was Halloween, I made sure to watch “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”. Traditions – they are a must.

Apparently even giraffes suffer from sugar crashes – who knew?

The rest of the week strikes me as uneventful…there was work, catching up on TV shows, wandering the neighborhood with the dog…nothing out of the ordinary. There were some gorgeous sunsets and sunrises; the sunrises seeming absolutely absurd at almost 7:30, but with the time change looming this was the last week of rising before the sun. The work week was fairly calm (please Lord let that theme continue…) and before I knew it, Friday rolled around!

Friday after work I had to take the long way home because of a car accident and had just enough time to let the pup take a walk and eat his treat before my friend Jennie and her son arrived to go to the movies. We headed over to the Alamo to see Dr. Strange (loved it) in a packed theater; a theater filled with really expressive people who clapped and sighed and oohed and aahed at all the right moments…although I still don’t understand the whole clapping at the end of a movie. There may have been bribery (or whispered threats) to get the picture below…why do boys become such little twerps as they get older?!?

Once the movie ended and a countdown appeared on the screen, I assured him that it meant that if we didn’t get out of the theater before it counted down to 0 that I’d open a portal to another dimension (referring Dr. Strange) and push him in. He looked at me with big eyes and said “that’s not real…you aren’t being serious…” Hehehe… Don’t be a punk and you won’t get pushed through any portals.


Smile for this picture & I’ll leave you alone…

Saturday – well y’all – I was an absolute bum on Saturday and I am not even ashamed to admit that. I managed to binge watch eight of the twelve episodes that make up season five of American Horror Story; so when I say I didn’t do much, that isn’t an exaggeration. I took breaks here and there to take strolls around the neighborhood with Watson, eat lunch, do some laundry and what not…but mostly I just really embraced my couch and my TV and my inner couch potato. I’m not going to lie – it was really nice. Oh – and Mississippi State (who have honestly struggled A LOT this season) beat #4 Texas A&M which was a nice little Saturday afternoon surprise.


Enjoying some Rotel on Saturday afternoon…

Proof that I’m getting “old” and cannot hang – the time change was this weekend (duh) and I just couldn’t deal. It was only 9:30 and I was telling myself “really it’s just 8:30” but I was struggling. Watson and I were downstairs watching The Desolation of Smaug on TV and I was fighting to stay awake – sad, I know. Spending all day Saturday doing nothing really takes it out of a person, ha-ha! I only made it to 10:00 before I gave up (and it was really only 9:00!) and while Watson was intrigued by Smaug for a little while (he loves dragons) he was crashing too… What can I say, we’re old.


Watson + Dragons = Love

Sunday after trying to speed watch Saturday Night Live (Benedict Cumberbatch was given next to nothing to work with…sheesh) before leaving for church, I raced all over the house getting ready and out the door…arriving in the nick of time. I joined my Mom for lunch after and we also made a Target run – they already have Christmas décor out and it’s almost more excitement than I can take. I’m going to watch White Christmas at the Alamo this Wednesday night with some friends and once that’s all said and done, I may not make it through next weekend with throwing a Christmas tree up somewhere in my living room… #sorrynotsorry … I just LOVE Christmas with all my heart and while I love all the holidays…Christmas just; I can’t even explain it, it just makes my heart so happy.


Finding his “zen” sitting in the sunshine…

After a quick stop off at the house to change and pick up a certain little goofy pup, my Mom and I made the short drive over to the State Arboretum of Virginia – they have a grove of gingko biloba trees that turn the most amazing shade of golden yellow I have ever seen and we were hoping to catch them in all their golden glory. Once we turned into the long drive leading up to the Arboretum and made a couple turns, we were rewarded with a peek of gold in the distance and we knew we’d hit the jackpot! Sure enough; the leaves were a lovely yellow color and so we promptly parked, pulled the pup out of the car and took a million pictures!

Seriously – absolutely golden leaves – breathtaking and perfectly colored!

Just for fun (and old time’s sake) after our time at the Arboretum, we drove over to Long Branch Plantation to see what kind of foliage was to be found there. While there were a couple orange and red trees here and there, the real views were from the front yard of the plantation looking across the valley to the mountains. My Mom and I used to attend a book club at Long Branch and I know we’ve both missed getting to see the grand house and it’s landscape change from season to season…

I have always loved Fall…but there is just something about Fall in the mountains that is just a little bit more…special. At least; I think so….



The rest of Sunday night passed quickly; having supper and watching Marvel movies on FX until Poldark (and the Westworld) came on…then sweet, sweet sleep! And so, another week come and gone. Time and the month of November march on…

I leave you with a picture of my little turkey…er…dog…goofing off in front of Long Branch. I hope he gives you a smile on this Monday afternoon!





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