Watson Wednesday

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As soon as my friends and I decided that we’d dress as Star Fleet this year for Halloween, I jumped on a Spock costume for Watson! Watson has had a Halloween costume pretty much every year since he’s been a part of the family and this year’s was certainly memorable – it even came with a Spock hairdo, complete with Vulcan ears!

I only made the little guy wear the Spock wig for a couple pictures – it bungeed under his chin and I know he was only enduring it for me, ha-ha! He could barely see out from under all the hair but he’s a good sport. He did leave his Spock uniform on for trick or treating and some of the little kids who came by the house were tickled to see that even the dog had on a costume! Plus – it was (finally) chilly on Halloween night and so his long sleeves served him well.


I even managed to capture a snapshot of Mr. Spock with some out of the ordinary wildlife…

I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

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