Is It Wrong to Say Last Week Almost Drove Me to Drink?

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I’m kidding. Sort of. It’s a saying – you know? “That _____ is going to drive me to drink!” It’s a thing, right? I don’t think it’s a Southern thing but then again I might be wrong. I do know I’d never turn to alcohol to solve problems…so the title is meant to be funny; don’t feel like you need to call for help just yet!

The last week was ever so slightly stressful for just a few reasons and I was pretty happy to see Friday arrive; although Friday turned out to be the most stressful day, by the time I left work at 5:45 (boo) I was pretty much done…and the weekend had only just started. Thankfully the weekend was much better than the week itself and so last week wasn’t totally a loss…ha-ha!


Monday Evening Fireside Nap

Monday night my Mom and I went to see The Girl on the Train and I’ll elaborate more on it in my Things I Loved in October post…but basically Emily Blunt should win so many awards for playing Rachel. She was amazing in that role! The food at the Alamo is always delicious, the movie was good and it was a nice way to finish up Monday. It was also a nice way to take my mind off the fact that my sweet pup had decided to snack on the walls!

Tuesday was another busy day at work and as soon as I was in the door from work I had about thirty minutes to change and catch my breath before we were off again – you know how those weeks go! My Mom and I joined our friends Jen and Jennie for supper, some chatting and laughing at their goofy kids, Jimmy, Emily and Amelia. We ate yummy potato soup and French bread with some delicious cupcakes as dessert since this was a belated birthday celebration for me! My sweet friends gave me gift cards to the Alamo and Starbucks, some lovely smelling soap, chocolate and wine – movies, coffee, candy and wine – what’s not to love?


The life of the party….

Wednesday was another whirlwind day at the office – all the days at the office last week seemed whirlwindesque. And that’s not a word, but I’m still going to use it! I finally relaxed a little bit on Wednesday night but it wasn’t quite as relaxing as I’d hoped. I wanted to take a nice long bath but I also felt like I couldn’t leave Watson alone since he apparently still has a penchant for gnawing on walls in his spare time…so I ended up putting him in his crate while I hopped in the tub. And the whole time I was in the tub I felt so badly because I knew that he was in his crate…so…there you have it. Blah!


Wednesday Night Sunset

Thursday after work and some pretty delicious supper (cooked by me – so I’m bragging on myself a little bit) my Mom and I walked through the neighborhood and one street over to try out a book club that is being started. We missed the meeting where the first couple books were chosen but we both read the book for October (Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children) and so we joined in some discussion with some other ladies from the area. The home hosting the book club had a lovely fluffy cat named Ella and she and I became fast friends and she spent a large portion of the discussion perched on the end of the couch beside me!

Friday – well Friday was not a great day. I’ll put that out there and just say that on the way home…well…let me backtrack. After finally leaving the office at 5:45 (still boo) and driving across town a bit intending to join my Mom and our friend Angie for Ladies Game Night, I arrived and just decided that I didn’t even feel up to getting out of the car. I called and told my Mom that and then proceeded to cry all the way home. It wasn’t a proud moment by any means but my week had been less than great and I guess it finally took it’s toll and I was just in tears. It was nothing that a warm bowl of chili, some TV (This Is Us and American Horror Story) and a glass of wine couldn’t begin to mend and by the time I went to bed, I was feeling somewhat less emotionally destroyed.


Delicious! And it’s cute!

Saturday morning I slept in and had my required cup of coffee – coffee is a requirement for any and all days; if I’m required to be a functioning member of society. Our longtime family friend Angie had stayed the night and so we all got ourselves looking acceptable and headed into Front Royal for a late breakfast at D’Lee’s Pancake House; definitely one of those places that doesn’t look like much, but trust me when I tell you – the food is delicious! If you’re ever visiting the National Park and want a place to eat; cruise into Front Royal and grab breakfast at D’Lee’s – it was yummy!


Relaxing by the Fridge on Saturday Morning…

After our delicious breakfast, we did what all ladies love to do: we shopped! We went to some of our favorite stores in the area: Miller House, Lantz’s Pharmacy & Gifts; Ann Taylor Loft and Country Treasures! I found three awesome tops (two on sale) at Loft and fell in love with all three…so I got all three, ha-ha! All sweaters were 50% off and with Winter right around the corner, that was a deal I couldn’t pass up! I was lazy for a little while on Saturday afternoon and then ate some yummy chili for supper…which would have been perfect except that the temperatures this weekend shot into the 80’s. What in the world?

My friend Danielle and I had plans to go see Rocky Horror on Saturday night at 11:30 and all day we sent text messages to one another saying “what were we thinking when we bought those tickets?!?” and “we are never going to be able to stay awake for this!” – old lady alert! We finally decided around 8:00 that we were going to cut our losses and pass on going; Danielle didn’t feel well and I was dreading being up until almost 2:00…when it was all said and done. I was so happy to not be going somewhere at 11:00 at night that I hopped up off the couch and cheered. Ladies and Gentleman – at the ripe old age of 32 – I cannot hang with the kiddos anymore!


Sunday Morning Sunshine Nap

Sunday seemed like it passed much too quickly – I think with Monday always looming on the horizon, Sunday flies by every week! After church I ran to the store to grab some last minute party supplies and then spent some time sitting outside in the sunshine with my dog. He decided he was just going to “give up” in the middle of the grass and after a few minutes, I just sat down on the sidewalk and let him nap in the grass for about thirty minutes.


Sunday Morning Wildlife


Sunday Afternoon Nap(s)


Seriously – All the Naps.

After lunch, I picked up and cleaned up and did some general tidying up in preparation for hosting my LuLaRoe Pop-Up. I also made some delicious ghost cookies to serve at the party and they turned out really cute! Around 4:00 Mackenzie (my wonderful LuLaRoe consultant) arrived and I helped her…well really I just watched…as she put up racks of beautiful clothes! I also took picture after picture to send to my sister so she could decide what she might want to buy for herself.

Once my party – which was a wonderful success; and I think everyone had a good time – was over and done with, I took my parents out for supper at our local Mexican restaurant. We got home around 9:00 and I decided that I was just going to go ahead and crawl into bed as soon as possible. I was feeling tired and a little gloomy about the week ahead and I figured at least if I started the week feeling rested, that would be something, right?

And now here we are – Monday once more – and Halloween at that! And this will be two posts in one day! Anyhow; another week has begun and here’s hoping it’s better than the last one (that rhymed…ha-ha!) So – I’ll leave it at that and check back in tomorrow!


Beam Me Up Scotty!

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