Watson Wednesday – Thank Goodness He’s Cute

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Although earlier this week…even his cuteness almost couldn’t save him. I might have mentioned on Monday that my pup obviously felt a bit stressed out and in an effort to relieve his stress…he decided he needed to have a quick snack: of sheetrock!


Oh yes he did…

I received a message from my Dad around 3:30 on Monday afternoon and the above picture was included. I simultaneously felt like I was going to throw up and maybe starting crying a little bit. That wall that my dog decided to take a nibble…okay…a gnaw…on is only about 35 days old and no wall deserves that sort of abuse.

I may have also mentioned on Monday that I’m at my wits end as to what would cause him to do this! Everything I’ve ever read/heard says that dogs chew when they are anxious or bored…but Watson had been playing outside, taken a couple long walks and had my Dad to spend the entire day with…so I just can’t imagine that he was anxious or bored. Who knows?


Chewing walls is exhausting…

I’ve been watching him like a hawk since Monday afternoon… If he disappears downstairs to grab a bite of food or a sip of water, I’m wondering if he’s having sheetrock for dessert. If he creeps into the guest room to take a nap, I’m wondering if he’s planning to have some plaster as a post-nap munchy. So far he’s been the angelic face of pup perfection that he usually is…

However, I do know in talking with my Mom – his cuteness was almost not enough to save him on Monday afternoon when she walked in and saw her mutilated wall. So here’s hoping he doesn’t get anymore hankerings for wall. It might not end well.



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