I Guess That’s Monday For You

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I started this post hours ago…and then ended up having to move on to something else. I wrongly assumed that since the post had *saved* multiple times, that I’d have the post somewhere in my drafts folder…but I was dead wrong.


This is accurate.

It’s also important to know that when I initially started this post – my dog (you know, that ball of fluff that I post about all the time?) hadn’t chewed the wall of my parent’s home that is only about 45 days old. Chewed the wall in a pretty spectacular fashion that makes me sort of want to throw up, cry and scream all at the same time. So…the original mood from the first post is a little bit…tainted. Earlier today the “gift” of today was something more closely related to a cardigan or a nice sweater…now today feels a little bit like the gift of socks. *sigh*

Perhaps that’s also because today is a Monday? Mondays always feel a little bit like the lesser of the days of the week; I know Monday is my least favorite day, it’s the red-headed stepchild of the days of the week. I’ve always thought that was a weird phrase…”red-headed stepchild”…why does red hair play into the equation? I personally love some gingers…but hey, that’s just me.


I’ll take one of these.

This Monday has me feeling like if I was a drinking person that maybe I’d drink. However, that’s no way to solve anything and so I’ll write instead. Although writing certainly won’t fix the wall…and I’ve circled back to sadness, panic and angst. Blah. Onward and upward.


Neighborhood “excitement”

I can’t speak to the lives of the people building the houses in our new community but last Tuesday morning while I was out walking Watson before work, I heard a loud *BANG* accompanied by an audible yelp. However, no one working at the house site across the street seemed too phased by any of it and so I didn’t think too much of it – maybe someone dropped a tool on their foot? Twenty minutes later I came back outside to find an ambulance parked across the street and two of the workers holding up a third man…who for lack of a better way of telling it; looked a little slack around his middle, but he was not accepting the help from the ambulance. I don’t have any clue how the rest of that scenario unfolded…but when you’re looking slack around your middle…I feel like medical attention is your best bet.

In other riveting (or maybe not) news – my couch finally (finally!) got delivered on Wednesday last and it was a glorious day to be sure. This may to speak to the less than thrilling nature of my life but at thirty-two I’ve sort of got a bead on what I like and don’t like…and well, curling up on my couch to binge watch some TV is something I enjoy. We all have our favorite things and that’s just one of mine. I’m so pleased to finally have my gloriously comfortable couch to curl up on in the evenings and so I proceeded to do just that: I’ve caught up on Westworld (hello HBONow!) and I’ve binged my way through the first six episodes of American Horror Story: Season One (hello Netflix!) and so all is right in the world.

Friday after work my friends Meridith and Danielle came over to watch Star Trek: Into Darkness – we’re doing Halloween research. We decided to follow up last year’s Hocus Pocus with Star Fleet this year and since Meridith hasn’t seen even a lick of Star Trek, Danielle and I felt like we should have her at least watch the most recent movies… Plus – I love a chance to watch Benedict Cumberbatch in basically anything…so that was a win/win. Later in the evening I caught up on some of my shows (This Is Us and American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare) before having a wee marathon of The Office before bed. Remember I said I liked to watch TV?


Lake Frederick…slowly starting to look Autumnal…

Saturday I tried so hard to sleep in…but it didn’t really work out. So in between cups of coffee and episodes of American Horror Story, I cleaned up my little house and got things in order for guests. My Mom had a Thirty-One party on Saturday afternoon and so after the morning of cleaning and binging, there was some socialization with friends, some party games and ordering some cute storage containers for my bathroom. I went to dinner Saturday night with my friend Melissa and we talked and talked and talked…for something like 2+ hours about anything and everything you can think of. Probably things you couldn’t think of too. It’s so fun to have so many sweet friends to do things with – very different from how my life looked a couple years ago. I’m blessed in the friend department, to be sure!

After Sunday service and some lunch at Applebee’s, my family decided we’d try to make a go at heading into the national park to see some Fall colors. However, we quickly realized that everyone in Northern Virginia seemed to have had the same idea…the traffic entering the park was backed up and Google Maps told us it would take 30 minutes to go just 1 mile. We veered off course and headed up the mountain to my friend Katie’s house to see the leaves from her view. She was so sweet to welcome us into her house and onto her deck out of the blue on a Sunday afternoon – I did text and make sure it was okay first – I promise we didn’t just show up, ha-ha!

Once we’d come down out of the mountain, we made a quick jaunt over to the Arboretum to see if the Gingko Biloba trees were turning – the leaves turn an amazingly vibrant shade of yellow – but sadly, they aren’t quite there yet. We wandered around some and let Watson take it all in before making a quick stop at the Farmer’s Market to grab ground beef, Route 11 chips and some sodas…and then having to stop at Sheetz, 7-11 and finally Wal-Mart before we found some hamburger buns. After a delicious supper of grilled burgers, fries and cheese and crackers (that was more me than anyone else…) I watched Poldark and Westworld and then sort of tossed and turned…and tried to fall asleep.

And that brings us around to today – which was going really well until my Dad sent me a picture of the horror my dog has wrought on the wall.

It’s not enough to ruin the day completely but it certainly puts a damper on things. I’ve read everything I can about chewing and I’m honestly at my wits end as to why the little scamp does it. So – if you’re reading this and have insight and wisdom into the mind of a pup…please feel free to share your knowledge. I don’t know what to do but I can’t have him chewing walls!!!


I’ll leave you with the little scamp on Sunday afternoon – perhaps the wall chewing is his revenge for me making him wear a leaf on his head? I just don’t know… *sigh* That’s Monday for you I guess.

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