Watson Wednesday

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Remember earlier in the week I mentioned the only thing I took pictures of this past week were my dog? Well, today is the day that I will share with you all those photos!

Watson has really taken to our new house and the neighborhood as well. One of Watson’s favorite things since moving has been all of the new rugs that present perfect napping spots. There is no question that Watson’s favorite rug is the dining room rug and he loves to spend hours laying in the sun, stretching his legs and soaking up the sun. What a life!

Watson still begs quite a lot – he’s not allowed on the new couch – so he tries to scale my leg if I’m ever eating anything and happening to be sitting on the couch. I’ve got him trained to a place where he (most often) knows that he must be sitting to get a bite, but sometimes his little puppy instincts are just too much and he can’t help it…

From time to time Watson runs errands with me or even spends a day at the office and provides cheer for everyone. He’s certainly a little morale booster…although recently his mood seems to indicate he’d much rather be at home than at the office. Ha-ha…isn’t that how all people feel??

All in all – Watson is just the perfect pup. I suppose that’s why I end up taking so many pictures of the little guy. He’s just too cute, too funny, too smart…too much everything, to resist snapping picture after picture of him!


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