It’s Monday…Again

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How did that happen so quickly? Seriously?!? I honestly feel like I just wrote my Five on Friday post and now I’m coming to you live from Monday afternoon. Whoosh. Does anyone else feel like the weekend just absolutely sped by? I mean – who am I kidding – I always feel that way! It seems like if you have things to do on the weekend…the time flies…and if you don’t have things to do on the weekend…time still flies!

Well…now that I’ve bemoaned the fact that it’s Monday again…I would normally step in and tell you all about the past week and weekend but I’ll be honest: my past week was rough and while the weekend was good, I realized that the only thing I really took pictures of this past week was…my dog! I know that’s not exactly shocking, ha-ha!

So; given my crummy week and my lack of pictures of anything except my pup, I decided I’d just go ahead and maybe continue wrapping up the weekend in Vegas! Without further ado….

Lindsey and I were early risers the entire time we were in Vegas…which for me makes perfect sense; I stayed on Eastern time for the entirety of the trip, so when I woke up at 6 AM (or 5:30 like I did that one morning) it felt like I’d slept till 9! It was glorious! We decided we wanted to do brunch on Sunday morning but everything we’d seen indicated that most places opened for brunch around 10:00 or 10:30…and by then, we’d have been up for hours! While gazing out the window of the hotel room, Lindsey happened to spy that a restaurant in the Venetian called Bouchon opened for brunch at 7 AM! Also – I guess she wasn’t gazing out the window…she was gazing at the restaurant brochure, ha-ha!

We got ourselves put together and headed to the elevator, rode it down to the tenth floor and joined the line snaking from the entrance to Bouchon…and figured we might be in for a wait. However, the line moved surprisingly quickly, I guess most people weren’t up and at it by 8:15 on a Sunday morning… We were next in line to give the hostess our name when she ran into a slight hiccup; the gentlemen in front of us were oriental and didn’t speak English, they seemed to think that just by waving their hotel key around at her, she’d seat them.

Lindsey and I waited patiently while they got things sorted out…or something like that…it was a big production that apparently continued to play out even once we were seated, but oh well! After looking over the menu for a bit and marveling at all the delicious sounding things, we both decided to get the Breakfast Americano: a pastry, potato hash, sausage, bacon, two eggs, two slices of toast, tea or coffee and fresh juice! We both signed up and then proceeded to chow down!

Once we finished stuffing our faces with seriously delicious food…and lots of coffee (for me) and tea (for Lindsey) we explored a bit more of the Venetian before setting out for the day. Our first stop of the day was the Luxor and we ended up being there much longer than we’d originally planned…but in a good way! The Luxor has an exhibit that contains artifacts from the Titanic and it took almost no convincing for Lindsey and I to decide that we wanted to buy tickets and explore! Of course, as part of the tour there were goofy photo stops and Lindsey and I took full advantage of them – because we love that kind of thing!

The exhibit only took us about an hour and as we entered the exhibit we were each assigned a passenger to correspond with our tour and once we finished, we learned the fate of our passenger. Happily both my passenger and Lindsey’s survived; even though my passenger was in third class, she must have been wily! I think Lindsey and I were most blown away by two things: the bottle of champagne that survived almost 100 years submerged in the Atlantic but was still stoppered and filled with champagne and the “large piece”…which is exactly what it sounds like, a giant portion of the side of the ship itself. It was raised from the ocean floor and treated for preservation before going on display and the porthole window(s) are still intact. Absolutely amazing.

Once we’d finished reading every plaque and post inside the Titanic exhibit, we explored the Luxor from the inside out…and then hopped on a tram over to Mandalay Bay and walked back to the Luxor through the shops that connect the two hotels. I’m always kind of blown away by how large the Luxor is; it somehow doesn’t look that large from the outside but once you’re inside, it’s amazing how much is fit inside the huge black pyramid that’s rising up in the midst of the Nevada desert!

After driving out to the famous Las Vegas sign – where there was a line to take pictures – we cruised back up the Strip toward our hotel…slowly but surely. We’d skipped the line business at the Las Vegas sign and just snapped our pictures from one side of the sign; they turned out just fine and we didn’t have to stand around in the crazy 95+ desert heat! We freshened up in our room really quickly and then headed down to the Canal Shoppes to have some gelato as an afternoon snack!

Around 3:30 we headed out to Nellis Air Force Base to visit with a friend for a bit; Lindsey is looking forward to having a built in support system from a friend who has both life experience and military life experience…and she is also looking forward to playing with our friend’s sweet little son! After our visit, we cruised over to Summerlin (yep – like I said, that’s a suburb in Las Vegas…) to have supper at The Melting Pot. And here is where I have to confess my weirdness: I can’t handle supper at the Melting Pot. Something about the raw meat and having to “cook” it in the broth…it just unsettles me…and I’m certain I’m going to get food poisoning or something and so I just can’t handle it! The cheese fondue – yes please! The chocolate fondue – yep! The in-between? Nope – I just can’t.

Once we were stuffed with bread and cheese and meat and potatoes and chocolate (some of us more bread and cheese than meat…hehehe) we cruised back to the Strip and made our way to the front of the Bellagio to watch the fountains! I think the fountains of the Bellagio might be my favorite thing about Vegas. Sure, the twinkly lights are nice and the way everything is made to mimic being outside when you’re inside…that’s all very neat, but the fountains…they are definitely an absolute thrill to watch!

And then…after hanging around for not one but two performances of the fountains, we made our way back through Caesar’s Palace (it’s the best place to park…) and back to the Venetian to pack up our things, check in to flights and get some sleep before Monday arrived.

Just like that – the weekend was almost over! I think no matter where you are or what you’re doing, weekends always fly by! Happily, this Monday is also almost over and that means one day of the work week is also almost done and a new weekend is even closer! Until Friday comes, I’ll be looking for little moments of happiness in the midst of this week…hope you will too!

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