Five on Friday – Saturday in Vegas

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Friday – what a sweet, sweet day. I think Big Mama said it best over on her blog today: I thought this week would be nice and short because of the whole Columbus Day thing, but it was a four day week that I thought would never end. Emphasis on NEVER END. I am so happy to see Friday and the weekend that I could weep.

Yep – the past four days have just been THAT good. Ha! I’m linking up with April over at A. Liz Adventures as always on Friday, but I thought I’d do things a little differently with this five and continue my recap of last weekend in Vegas! So, I hope you enjoy the (massive) photo dump and corresponding words.


One. Breakfast & House Hunting – One of the reasons my little sister and I went to Vegas (besides living wild…obviously) was to finalize house plans for her. She’ll be living in the area for the next three years courtesy of the Air Force and needed to lock down her new place.

Lindsey wanted to start our day with breakfast at a place called Babystacks – she’d discovered the place on her last visit back in July and fallen a little bit in love. I had the Cinnabun Stacks and she chose to go with Red Velvet…both were so very yummy and of course I had all the coffee to go with it! Oh – and fun fact about Vegas; everyone there just knows how to spell Summerlin, because it’s a suburb of Las Vegas. No one asks how to spell it or assumes it’s SummerLAND…they just know. So, that’s fun!

Lindsey and I looked at two different apartments and I just got a good feeling about the second, but didn’t say anything until I could get Lindsey’s thoughts – this will be her house, not mine! It wasn’t a surprise when she said she just felt like the second one was “the one” and so we snapped some pictures, she filled out the necessary paperwork and before lunch she’d secured herself a home in Vegas!

Two. The Bellagio – Oh my, such a beautiful place! I’ll be honest, we were only IN the Bellagio for about twenty minutes and yet it’s probably where almost all of my pictures were taken! The simple reason behind this: the seasonal floral display! It’s absolutely gorgeous and 75% of the display is made completely from flowers! So breathtaking!

I did mention I took a TON of pictures…right? Okay. Yea, there are more!

Of course, one of the biggest features of the Bellagio is the glass sculpture by Chihuly entitled Fiori di Como that is suspended from the ceiling of the lobby. The piece contains 2,000 hand blown glass pieces and is quite the sight to take in.

Three. Caesar’s Palace and the Forum Shops – Listen; I’m fairly certain that Caesar’s Palace could not get any bigger. Between the Julius Tower, Octavius Tower, Augustus Tower, the miles of restaurants and casino floor…heck, the place even has Cleopatra’s Barge parked in the midst of it all and you can climb aboard for live music and drinks!

Of course, Caesar’s is made all the larger by the addition of the Forum Shops. I absolutely enjoyed wondering the Forum Shops and seeing everything there is to take in…but most of the shops aren’t’ exactly the type of place a person just walks in to shop. I mean – do you just pop into Christian Louboutin on a regular basis to pick up a new pair of pumps? I always remain more enchanted by the ceilings that convince you that perhaps you really are walking down the streets of some Grecian landscape and you’re not in the middle of the desert!

Lindsey and I grabbed an afternoon snack at The Cheesecake Factory after I had some sort of wobbly episode where I felt light-headed and shaky. No clue what brought that on, but the cheesecake helped, ha! We also caught a slightly cheesy animatronic show called the Fall of Atlantis…who knew a sibling showdown caused the fall? We perused Tiffany’s (sigh), Kate Spade and Tory Burch among some other shops before finally heading out into the Vegas (desert) heat.

Four. Out and About in Vegas – It was WARM on Saturday; as in, the temperature hovered somewhere around 95. Ick. Lindsey and I decided to weave our way up and down the Strip and into and out of hotels in an effort to find some cool somewhere…and for the most part it worked just fine. The first place we walked was an alley style walkway that had shops lining both sides and led up to the High Roller…Las Vegas’ version of the sky high ferris wheel, it tops out at over 500 feet tall. And before you ask – we definitely didn’t ride it. Ha!

We also popped in the Flamingo and checked out the real live flamingos before cruising over to Paris Hotel and Casino and Bally’s. The last two are connected and so we were able to move from one to the other through some shops and that meant AC the entire way – always a plus! Oh! I failed to mention that Lindsey made a “friend” as we perused the walkway leading up to the High Roller; I tried to get a picture but she refused to get any closer, she was convinced that her new friend would grab her! Hehehe…

Five. The Venetian and the Grand Canal Shoppes – After spending a huge chunk of the afternoon exploring the Vegas Strip, Lindsey and I retreated back to our hotel, the Venetian. We chilled out for a little while in our room on the 27th floor and then made our way to the Grand Canal Shoppes, which take up a huge portion of the Venetian’s hotel complex. The Grand Canal Shoppes were dressed for Autumn as well and had some pretty impressive displays…although nothing quite like the Bellagio, they were still fun to look at.

We explored some of the shops – hello Dooney and Bourke! – and decided we’d go ahead and take a quick ride on the gondolas. While I’m sure that riding the gondolas at the Venetian is nothing like cruising along the actual canals of Venice, I still enjoyed every minute of my ride…especially when our gondolier sang “Happy Birthday” to me in Italian!

After our gondola ride, we did just a wee bit more exploring before having supper at Yardbird! The food was Southern style cuisine and they are best known for their fried chicken (hence the name…) but everything we had was delicious! We split a half chicken and I got the macaroni and cheese while Lindsey had baked okra and we both got drinks: I had a blackberry bourbon lemonade and Lindsey went with the Southern Peach – both were delicious…and went down smooth, as our waiter said. Because we are sort of old ladies…or maybe (especially for me) because of the three hour time difference, we fell into bed around 10 and I slept like the dead!

So – there you have it. Another day in Vegas in the books! If you want to join April and link up with your Five on Friday, feel free to do so! You can write about any five things that come to your mind…

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and maybe…just maybe…this weekend will last a little longer than it usually does, right?

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