Vegas Baby

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Cliché much? I say let’s embrace the cliché and just roll with it…sort of how when I have to fly I embrace the Ativan and hang on for the ride! Seriously though – that’s exactly what I did on Friday morning. I woke up at 4 AM (who knew 4 o’clock came more than once a day, right?) and hitched a ride with my Dad into DC to catch my plane; sure I was about an hour and half early, but when your choices are a ride in the car or depending on the DC Metro…well I’d never choose depending on the DC Metro. So – there you have it.

I cruised through security, grabbed a granola bar and apple juice for breakfast, boarded a flight and four + hours later, I emerged in the midst of the desert – oppressive heat and all; the scarf I had on was definitely only for decoration at this point. After a short ride down the Strip, I hopped out at my home for the weekend – the Venetian! Trying not to trip over my own feet while I was gazing up at the ceiling, I made my way to the check in desk, got my keys and then promptly got lost trying to find the elevators up to the 27th floor. True story. Don’t judge if you’ve never been in the Venetian – it took three different elevators to get from the room to the car. No joke. All’s well that ends well though and I made it to the room, put away some of my things and freshened up before heading out to get lunch and explore!

I ate lunch at Prime Burger – conquering one of my biggest “fears” – eating alone. Not shockingly, I wasn’t mocked or stared at and it was all perfectly fine. As with most things, they seem more daunting until you’re actually doing them…life lesson, I suppose. I wandered the Grand Canal Shoppes for a bit and then headed out of the hotel and onto the Vegas Strip. I suppose I should tell you I’d done a wardrobe change and put on a knee length, short sleeved black and white striped dress – no need for jeans, sleeves and a scarf in 90+ degree heat…you know?

I roamed and wondered for a while, taking in the outdoor sights of the Venetian and walking over to Treasure Island and the Mirage. I snapped pictures here and there, avoided a rather ratty (no pun intended) looking Mickey Mouse and Minnie beckoning children and adults alike to come take photos (hard pass) tried to amuse myself a bit. My little sister’s schedule was proving rather troublesome and so her original arrival time of 4:30 was slipping later and later into the day…

Around 4-ish the early wake up call started to get to me and I retreated back to our room to take a nap. The next few hours were nothing exciting; I napped, watched the Nationals game, finally watched the premiere episode of Westworld on HBO, napped a little bit more and didn’t really know what to do with myself.

My sister missed both the first and second flights out of El Paso – they would have been straight flights and so she ended up getting on a flight from El Paso to Dallas and then from Dallas to Vegas. She finally arrived around 9:00 Vegas time and after getting the rental car and making her way through Friday night Vegas Strip traffic, she arrived at the hotel room around 10:15…right about the same time our room service dinner arrived! Perfect timing! Ha! After eating dinner together, we both fell into the bed and slept pretty heavily – it had been a long day for both of us!

So – that was Vegas: Day One in a nutshell! I didn’t totally overdose you on pictures today, but just wait…they’re coming! We went to the Bellagio on Day Two and oh my the floral decorations. You just wait…

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