Five on Friday

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Another Friday has arrived – and as you read this post, I’m en route to Las Vegas! I’m flying the (hopefully) friendly skies to meet my sister and spend the weekend together. I know we’ll have plenty of fun and there’s sure to be good food involved…perhaps some shopping too? Maybe a show? I don’t know – but I DO know it will be delightful. So, this is your weekly edition of Five on Friday, brought to you from somewhere above…I don’t know…the Midwest?

One. Nationals Baseball – The regular season has ended and the Nationals ended the regular season with a record of 95-67, which puts them 14 games over 500. Tonight at 5:38 the first game of the National League Division Series kicks off against the Dodgers at Nationals Park. Max Scherzer will be facing off against Clayton Kershaw in what is sure to be an epic pitching duel. The Nationals won home field advantage and so the first two games will be at Nationals Park today and tomorrow; the second two games (if two more are needed) will be in Los Angeles and the fifth game (if it’s needed) will be back at Nationals Park!

I won’t be able to watch because…you know…I’m in Vegas, but I’m counting on Twitter to keep me updated and hoping that since I’m in Bryce Harper’s hometown that will count as some sort of good luck charm…right?

Image result for washington nationals 2016 nl east champions

In Dusty We Trusty…

Two. Coffee – I’m sure I’ve mentioned it on here before, but I’ll say again how much I love coffee. It’s especially important to me today because I had to wake up at 4:00 AM…4 in the AM…that’s the morning time…to go to the airport! Yikes! You better believe that once I was through security, I made a beeline for some coffee to help power me through the morning! Coffee is tasty and delightful and if we’re being honest, it just makes me a nicer person all around…ha-ha!

Image result for coffee meme


Three. Fall – As in, this week has finally felt like Fall! When I step outside to walk the dog in the morning and the evening, I can see my breath…poofing out in front of me like white fog! I suppose I’ve always wholeheartedly believed that when you can see your breath, it means that Fall has finally arrived! I’ve also been noticing on my drive to and from work that more and more of the trees are beginning to change over from their usual green to shades of yellow, orange, red and purple and I adore it! I love seeing all of the branches positively ablaze with color – it makes my heart happy! Which brings me to point number four…

Image result for fall in the blue ridge mountains

Did I mention I live in the Blue Ridge Mountains? Yea…it’s good.

Four. Hallothanksmas – That’s definitely not a word but I’m thinking it should be. Surely you know what I’m talking about, right? September has ended and the decorations are now plentiful! And I don’t just mean Halloween decorations…or Thanksgiving décor; no, the Christmas stuff has been flung out too! Let me be the first to say that October – December is the happiest time of the year for me; I love everything about the final three months of the year. I love Halloween candy and costumes and spooky movies (note, I said spooky and not scary…). I live for Thanksgiving and spending time with family and cooking wonderful things in the kitchen. I am absolutely obsessed with anything and everything Christmas, I think you always need more than one tree, Christmas cookies are a must and Christmas parties give me life! S0 yea…while some people might be complaining because you can find a skeleton on one aisle and a nativity scene on the next – I am NOT one of them!

Image result for hallowthanksmas

Five. Halloween – As in, I already know what I’m being for Halloween! You see, my friends (who also happen to work with me) and I have started a tradition of dressing up for work. Last year we absolutely rocked being the Sanderson Sisters and this year we decided to go in a completely different direction and we will be dressing as members of Star Fleet! I’ll be wearing a yellow uniform…in case you weren’t aware, captains wear yellow in Star Fleet, ha-ha! So, I’m still looking for some trinkets to add to my costume…I’m thinking I need a weapon of some sort and perhaps a communicator, but everywhere I look they want something like $30! I mean, my costume didn’t even cost that much! Nuts! Anywho – I can’t wait to see how it all plays out on the 31st; I’m sure it will be epic!

Image result for star trek movie 2016 cast


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