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Today I am Thirty-Two. I’ve been wandering this planet, doing life for thirty-two years… Well, if you really think about it, I’m only just beginning my thirty second year of life. So…an ode to the most recent year; I feel, is in order. Just gathering these pictures together made me think one thing: Thirty One was Good…it really was SO good. Wow!

It should come as no surprise when I tell you – this post is picture heavy. Enjoy!

Autumn of my thirty first year was filled to the brim with wonderful things: I was able to introduce my friend Katie to DC; she’s lived in the area for over two years and never been! I took in the colors on Skyline Drive with my family, made it out of a corn maze alive and earned rave reviews when my friends/co-workers and I dressed as the Sanderson Sisters for Halloween! I toured Nationals Park and was absolutely in heaven just tapping a toe onto the grass of the field… I also visited the US National Arboretum in DC for the first time and attended an NFL game for the first time – which was great – even though my Saints lost. I rounded out the Fall season with a return to Mississippi to celebrate Thanksgiving in my little sister’s home and cheer on the Bulldogs at the Egg Bowl!

Winter was yet another season of lasting memories and moments I’ll always remember. I took in local Christmas festivities around home throughout the month of December; including the Horse and Hound Parade in Middleburg and perusing DC’s Christmas décor. On Christmas Eve, my family and I boarded a British Airways flight to London and one of my longest held dreams came true: we spent a week in London and the surrounding English countryside. I visited 221B Baker Street, gazed at Buckingham Palace, toured the Tower of London, explored Bath, Stonehenge, Warwick Castle, Oxford and the Cotswolds and rang in the new year watching fireworks erupt around the London Eye. We closed out our trip to the UK in quite a magical way; touring Leavesden Studios and taking in all things Harry Potter!  January and February brought bone-chilling temperatures and at the end of January, I experience my first blizzard when just over four feet of snow were dumped over the course of 72 hours!

If it isn’t obvious by the massive amount of photos (and there could have been so many more…oh my goodness); the Spring was awesome once more! Even though Spring sort of fought and clawed it’s way into existence this year (I think it snowed for the last time in April…) the cherry blossoms bloomed in March and so of course I got into the city to snap hundred of pictures of cherry blossoms and the tulip library. The aforementioned crazy April weather dashed my baseball dreams; my first Nationals game of the season was cancelled due to inclement weather, however the game at the end of April made up for it – lasting sixteen innings and almost six hours(five hours and fifty-six minutes); it was the longest regular season game in Nationals history! May included more and more time spent outdoors in the gorgeous Spring weather and in mid-May I was able to witness Mad Max’s 20K performance alongside my little sister at Nationals Park; a memory I will always hold dear. The end of May brought a return to California; the place my story started thirty-two years ago. After three days at Disneyland, I was able to see the hospital I was born at, take in the views on the California coast and spend time with sweet family members. It was a wonderful trip, to be sure!

If I could sum up Summer in two words, they would be: Nationals Baseball! The summer months were filled with baseball games and of course I absolutely loved watching my Nationals stay atop the NL East for essentially the entire season – they were only in 2nd place for 4 days! I sat near the field and behind Jayson Werth is section 108, I wore my rally cap and my Harper jersey…both on more than one occasion. I celebrated one of my favorite little people’s 2nd birthday, competed in my first 5K on the hottest day of the year (yuck) and witnessed the Corpse Flower in bloom at the DC Botanical Gardens. I also escaped from a locked room (Escape Quest) with the help of friends and got to spend time with my sister both at the start and the end of summer!

And now…Fall has arrived again. The arrival of Fall always means another birthday is nearing and as of today, I am thirty-two. Looking back on thirty-one, the memories are all pretty sweet – so here’s hoping that thirty-two will be just as wonderful – if not more!



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