What I Was Into in September

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Is it just me or has this past month absolutely flown by? I know…I know…I say that almost every month, but we are seriously looking at the last three months of this year! I cannot believe that we have reached that place where there are less than 100 days left on this year’s calendar. Wow.

Books I Read

Miss Peregrine’s School for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs – The sole book I have read this month; you’re seeing that right. I’m about to join another book club (with my sweet Momma) and this book is the selection for October; which seems fitting. The story centers on a young man named Jacob who; after the death of his grandfather, travels to Wales in search of some concrete evidence to back up his grandfather’s elaborate “fairy tales” from his youth living in a children’s home. What Jacob finds when he discovers Miss Peregrine and her school of peculiar children might prove to be more than what he bargained for.

I really got reeled in by this book and while I initially wasn’t sure about it; after reading the book, I want to see the movie as well! What are the odds, right?

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Books in the Queue

Hollow City by Ransom Riggs – The second in the three book trilogy that makes up the Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children series. I’ll be starting on this one as soon as possible…

Library of Souls by Ransom Riggs – The third and final book in the three book trilogy that makes up the Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children series.

Gray Mountain by John Grisham – This is the November pick for the new book club; so once I finish the Peculiar series, I’ll be starting in on this one!

Can’t Miss Movies

The Light Between Oceans – The only movie I saw in the whole month of September; but it was a good movie, so that counts for something! The movie is based on the book of the same name and goes a bit like this: Following WWI, Tom Sherbourne, a young veteran still haunted by combat, takes a job as a lighthouse keeper off the coast of Partageuse. Tom initially thrives in the solitary lifestyle that the job provides him but is captivated by Isabel Graysmark the moment he meets her and they are soon married and living together on the island. Their happiness is only marred by their struggle to start a family and so, when an infant girl and a dead man wash ashore at the lighthouse, Isabel believes their prayers have been answered. Tom is torn between reporting the child and pleasing Isabel and against his better judgment agrees to raise the child, making a decision that will have devastating consequences.

Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander played the title characters and while the film moved a bit more slowly than I liked, all in all I enjoyed it. However, the book is better than the movie!

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Must See TV

The recent move resulted in no cable or internet for two and a half weeks! It was like being in the stone age or something; absolutely tragic! My watching of Nationals games, as well as any new shows I want to check out were completely halted…so sad. However, I did get in watching some games at the start of the month and we had an antenna in place by the end of the month for the season two premiere of…

Poldark – The continuing saga of Captain Ross Poldark, his scullery maid turned wife Demelza and their extended family; the second season premiered on September 25th with a two hour special. The season one finale saw Ross arrested and so at the start of this season, so many questions were answered in the first two hours. Will Ross be found of guilty? Of course not – the show is named for him. Is Demelza pregnant again? She certainly is! Will Elizabeth succumb to George’s advances and leave sad Francis in the dust? Who knows!

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Tasty Treats

Chuy’s – Listen y’all, I fell and I fell hard for Chuy’s. I have always been a fan of delicious Mexican food and Tex Mex was alright too. And then I went to Chuy’s and I would oh so happily eat only Chuy’s Mexican food for the rest of my life. It was delicious. Seriously; it’s love y’all. It’s love. Did I mention they have “Nacho Hour” from 4-7 Monday through Friday. Yep – both tasty and a treat.

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What I’m Looking Forward To

The Final Nationals Game of the Regular Season – October 2nd is the final Nationals game for the regular season; I’ll be attending with my family as a birthday gift! I attended the last home game of the season last year as well; that was the game with the now infamous choking of Bryce Harper at the hands of Jonathan Papelbon. Hopefully this year will be less eventful, there won’t be any rain and the Nationals will pull out one more Curly W to end the regular season!

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Las Vegas – I’ll be celebrating my birthday in Vegas with my younger sister and I can’t wait. I mean; I could do without the flight(s) but it would take a little longer than necessary to drive to Nevada, ya know? I don’t know where we are staying (it’s a surprise, courtesy of my sister) but I know we will have an absolutely wonderful time! This will be my second visit to see all the lights in the middle of the desert; I especially can’t wait to watch the fountains at the Bellagio!

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My LuLaRoe PopUp Party – Do you know what LuLaRoe is? I only just discovered it about a month ago, courtesy of my friend Melissa and I’m in love! LuLaRoe has some of the cutest and most affordable dresses, skirts, tops and leggings all in fun prints and flattering styles. I decided to hold my very own LuLaRoe PopUp Party and I can’t wait to be able to look at all the clothes and choose some pieces for myself!

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Halloween – I love almost every aspect of October and I also love Halloween! Fun fact: I still dress up for Halloween because I happen to work with two of my best(est) friends and we always plan costumes! Last year we dressed as the Sanderson Sisters to rave reviews and this year we decided to go as members of Star Fleet!

So – there was my past month in a nutshell! I can’t believe the holiday season is upon us once more. I can’t lie: October – December are hands down my favorite part of every year; I absolutely love Halloween, Thanksgiving and oh man…don’t get me started on Christmas. *sigh* Bring on the holidays!

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