Five on Friday

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Friday – one of the best days – in my humble opinion. It has arrived once more and I don’t know how your week has been, mine seems like it absolutely drug it’s feet to get here! However, it’s here and I’ve got a lovely Fall weekend ready to open up before me. Without further ado – the Friday Five!

One. Fall – My very favorite season has arrived! All things Fall are now 100% acceptable: cozy sweaters, boots, cardigans, scarves, picking out pumpkins, going on hayrides, drinking pumpkin spice lattes…oh man, I love Fall so much! Now, if the weather could catch up with this picture, that would be great. It’s hard to wear sweaters, scarves and boots when it’s 85!

Image result for Fall Pictures

Where is This & How Can I Get There??


Two. Nationals Baseball – Well…it was a less than inspiring week…and honestly, I feel so disconnected from baseball right now! I’ve had no TV (or at least, no cable TV with MASN) or internet for the past almost two weeks…and therefore, I’ve watched no games. *sob*

I guess if there was a week to miss out, this past week would have been it. The Nationals only won one of the four games they played – ouch. However, thanks to some help from some other teams (hello Braves…thank you!) the magic number to clinch the NLCS is down to 2! Just 2! The Nationals start a series over the weekend in Pittsburgh and could be coming home on Monday as NLCS winners. One thing is for sure: the Nationals are going to be playing some October baseball!

washington nationals bryce harper mlb baseball shocked

October Baseball? I’m Not Shocked…Ha-Ha!


Three. Las Vegas – Y’all; this time in two weeks I’ll be in Las Vegas! What even is going on?? I’ll be meeting up with my sister to celebrate my birthday (eek!) and I know we will have an absolute blast…because my sister and I always have an absolute blast. So – I ask you blog readers (if there are any of you out there…ha!) that if you know something we should definitely do while in Vegas…or a place we should not miss out on eating…let me know! The countdown is on!

However – let it be known – I will not be riding the miles tall Ferris Wheel because heights + Natalie = someone acting like they have no sense. And really, no one wants to make a fool of themselves, right?

Image result for Las Vegas skyline

Four. Stitch Fix – I got my very first Fix! And let me just go ahead and confess that I’m kind of in love! There is something so fun about getting a box of clothes delivered to your door, chosen just for you and getting to try them on in the privacy of your own home! I will say I thought for this to be my very first Fix, I was impressed! I think this box was a solid three out of five…and I’ll be sharing more about that next week! Just wanted you to know that my initial thought(s) are: love it!

Image result for Stitch Fix

Five. Moving Posts – Which apparently is a thing you can do here? I’ve been wanting to update/upgrade my blog for most of this year but I hated the thought of having all of my older posts…seven years worth….just stashed somewhere else! So, hopefully within the next couple weeks I’ll be able to get some help from the Word Press team and get things organized here! Thank you for sticking with me through the transition – hopefully I’ll get it all together soon! Or perhaps; much like life, it will always be a work in progress!

Image result for Under Construction Sign

So – that’s the Five for the Friday! I’m linking up with April over at A. Liz Adventures, just like I always do. If you have a blog, feel free to link up as well! It’s a great way to find new blogs – maybe you even found my blog that way? Until next time – have a good weekend!

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