Growing Pains

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If you’re reading this…well something will become very obvious to you. I’ve moved!

I mean – obviously I literally moved about two weeks ago – this is a different kind of move and yet it could be just as much of a struggle as the literal move, ha-ha! There won’t be any fighting with manual can openers or lugging boxes up and down stairs; the only muscles in danger of being strained are the muscles in my brain!

I decided to make the move over to Word Press because I’d like to potentially get a little bit more serious about my blog. I love writing on my blog…but I felt like perhaps I could do…more. And just maybe I could do it better. However; as with all journeys that involve trying to better something…there will likely be growing pains. Blogger was easy…Blogger didn’t provide much of a challenge…but Blogger limited what I could do. So; I decided to make the jump…

However, with that jump comes having to learn more about all the inner workings of things like HTML code and formatting pages and encoding themes…and honestly, thinking about it just sort of makes my head hurt. So – if you’re reading this – bear with me. Know that I’m trying my hardest to get this all worked out and running smoothly.

All of my old posts can still be found at and I suppose they’ll always just “be there”…and that’s fine. That’s where they belong. All the new will be here and that’s good and fine too.

I’ll still be posting about my precious puppy dog, my beloved Washington Nationals (the magic number is TWO y’all…just TWO) my travel adventures and all in all…just my life in general. As the header tells you, I’m just trying to share a little bit of my ordinary day to day life…and perhaps find the extraordinary in the ordinary! So – here we go!


Surely anything’s possible with enough coffee – right?


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