The Lost Weekend

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It’s like the Lost World…but instead of raging dinosaurs there are towers of boxes threatening you at every turn. Aching muscles and a back that feels thrown out of whack creep up on you…not unlike dinosaurs crouching in the jungle foliage. The Lost Weekend is like the Lost World…but different…you know?

That’s such a weak analogy – and I’m drinking coffee out of a mug the size of my head – so you’d think that much caffeine might help brain function, but maybe not. Oh well. The big move happened this past weekend – hence the title – and the jumbled analogy and crazy brain business. A big move taking up most of the weekend coupled with Monday morning = low level of brain function. Ha-ha!

The only Monday picture…which just makes me hungry.

I have no pictures from the beginning of the week…except a picture of the spread of chip and dip(s) that my Mom and I chowed down on at Chuy’s. I spent a large part of last Monday (which was Labor Day) morning doing actual labor; in the form of painting a TV stand a brilliant shade of red. Once that was all said and done, my Mom and I took Lindsey to the airport to fly back to the great state of New Mexico and we traversed the Beltway to get to Ikea. Apparently everyone thought going to Ikea was a great plan for Labor Day because I’ve never seen so many people in one place! I thought I’d found “my” couch at Ikea…but then I sat on it…and it was not comfortable. And they wanted $199 to deliver it. So I ended up leaving Ikea with a lamp and three picture frames. No couch.

However, all was not lost since Monday evening was also when my Mom and I discovered Chuy’s and I think I elaborated on that in my Five on Friday post. It was delicious. It was yummy in the way that I’ve thought about it all week. Writing about it makes my mouth water and the food was so delicious that I’d happily crawl into the car and drive the 45-50 minutes back to Woodbridge to eat there again. It was good y’all. Did you get that? Delicious!

Taking a moment for himself…

Wednesday was a wild day – in so many ways – where do I start? I guess by saying the day was wild I completely skipped over the not so wild moment where I found my couch and ordered it. Hallelujah! On sale, exactly the style I wanted and so super comfortable. Win! So; that will be delivered in the next couple weeks, can’t wait to relax on it. Once the work day was over though…things got nuts. 

After getting semi-soaked picking up pizza in a thunderstorm on the way home, I decided to quickly (spray) paint the other small piece of furniture that I needed to paint and be done with all that. It didn’t take long and once it was complete, I gently moved it inside and thinking nothing of it, went upstairs and got into the bath. And after relaxing just a bit, moved one of my feet from where it was propped on the wall of the bathtub and saw…a perfect red footprint! I began looking around me and saw that there were several perfectly placed red footprints all over the bathtub…which meant I had to get out of the bathtub and clean it…and then get back in it to actually bathe.
Did I mention that after all this, Watson and I were accosted by an overly excited Golden Retriever who thought that when I picked up my seventeen pound fighter (seriously…he thinks he is fierce) and tried to walk away that meant to jump on me and bark louder. It was good fun I tell you. Good fun.

Thursday afternoon…trying to take in the overwhelming amount of “stuff”
Watson clinging to his dragon in the midst of all the boxes & chaos.

Friday dawned much too quickly…something I’ll probably not often repeat…but it was the start of the moving and well; moving is a headache, let’s all just agree on that. After work, several family friends came over to eat pizza and help load boxes into the truck…and I never realized how much “stuff” one family could have until this move. Good grief at all the things. *sigh* I also saw boxes and things that belonged to me that I haven’t seen in over two years! That is the one thing about this move that I am (still) looking forward to: getting to see my things again after all this time!

After a very sweaty evening loading boxes into the Penske truck, I took a shower, watched the Nationals beat the Phillies courtesy of a walk-off homerun from Trea Turner in the bottom of the ninth and crashed! I knew Saturday would dawn far too early and last much too long…

Moving Help – It’s not what it used to be! 😉
A brief moment of respite.

Around 8:30 on Saturday morning the moving started in earnest – unloading boxes into the new garage, loading furniture onto the truck, carrying things up stairs and down stairs, realizing I have more clothes than any one person has a right to own… I made multiple trips up and down the highway between the “old house” and the “new house” loading clothes and shoes and random things and dog paraphernalia. Oh yea – and the actual dog – who handled it mostly like a champ; except for some crying early on Saturday morning. Bless his heart.

After finally getting everything unloaded and into the house (or at least into the garage) and getting important things like beds put together, my family and our extended “friend family” loaded into cars and went to finally…finally…eat supper at almost 9:00. Y’all – I went out in public wearing stretch pants, with no make-up on, drenched in multiple layers of sweat. It was a cute look and there are no pictures to mark the occasion because well…I honestly hope that one day a nice man will love me and a picture of that moment in time might really kill that hope, ha-ha!

I wish I could have laid down in the closet & slept too…
When there are more people in the car than you realize…someone has to ride in the trunk…

Sunday was not spent in the holiest of ways – even though we were all pretty worn out, there still seemed to be so much to do. There were certain things that had to be unboxed so that life could have some sort of routine once the week started again… Supplies had to be bought to organize and allow for storage… Curtains needed to be put on the bathroom window because flashing the new neighbors is not really how you want to introduce yourself, am I right?

Happily, a sweet friend and her son brought us supper on Sunday night and helped me put my desk together and after much work on everyone’s part, the house as a whole looked something like a place where people live. Albeit with still a lot of boxes in the garage. Oh well – it’s all in one place, right?

Yoga Dog doing poses in his new surroundings…

So – I guess it wasn’t really a lost weekend – but it sure seemed like it went by awfully quickly. And while I feel like I have a lot to show for it, I also have really sore legs and my back feels like it belongs to an 80 year old…not an almost 32 year old. Whoosh. Moving = not for the faint of heart…or body. 

All’s well that ends well and now it’s on to making new friends in the new community and seeing what life at Lake Frederick has to offer!

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