Five on Friday

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I’m honestly not even sure if it’s actually Friday…is it? I’m kidding…sort of… This whole week has felt like it’s been flipped upside down and wiggled around. No work on Monday (what a joy!) meant that Tuesday felt like Monday…actually; Tuesday was the “Mondayest” Tuesday ever. Thursday our office closed early, which made it feel more like Friday than anything else…and now it’s actually Friday…and really, I just want to take a nap.
Is your head spinning yet? If not, then read on for the Five on Friday! 

One. Winner Winner…Not a Chicken Dinner – This is kind of “old news” at this point…but I guess it’s not for the blog world. I booked myself a LuLaRoe Pop Up Party for late October and for doing so, I was entered to win a closet full of LuLaRoe. Well, last Friday I found out that I won! I don’t know what a closet full means…three pieces? Five pieces? More pieces than that? I have no clue! I do know that it means free LuLaRoe and since I’m falling in love with that stuff, I can’t wait to see what’s in my “big ol box” at my party! And yea…that whole “big ol box”…not my words, my consultant Mackenzie’s; which – exciting!

I’m kind of in love with this stuff!

Two. Chuy’s Y’all – Have you ever read The Boo Mama Blog? If you haven’t, go read it…but also…Sophie (that would be Boo Mama) mentions on the frequent their favorite Mexican restaurant, Chuy’s. Well. *deep breath* I have been to Chuy’s and my life has been changed…for the best and better.

Monday after traversing the winding halls of Ikea, my Mom and I decided to give the Chuy’s nearby a try…because we figured if Sophie raved about it on the regular, it was probably quite delicious. Well. *deep breath* I think I can speak for both of us when I say that it was wildly delicious and wonderful; we mentioned on Thursday that we’d both have hopped in the car and drove the forty-five minutes up I-66 to get to it in a heartbeat. So…now I’ve been dreaming of Chuy’s all week and hoping for a return visit as soon as possible.

Image result for Chuy's
It’s a Happy Hour Nacho Trunk. Seriously. I die.

Three. We Are MOVING – Or perhaps the more appropriate phrase would be “Jesus Take the Wheel…” because that whole moving business is happening this weekend. Yikes! There are boxes stacked up past my head in multiple rooms of the townhouse and my dog has reached full on panic level (eep…) so that means that the moving truck is nigh. I had the brilliant thought this morning that maybe I should have just boarded the dog for the weekend…but that ship has sailed…and so we will sojourn on as is. Here’s hoping there are no major muscle strains, body parts injured or crushed by large pieces of furniture and all moods stay kind and complimentary.

Like I said: Jesus Take the Wheel.

Instead of clutter & boxes…look at these things that will be my living room!

Four. Nationals Baseball – This week was fairly alright for Nationals baseball. Certainly there were two losses to the dreaded New York Mets (they signed Tim Tebow y’all…don’t even get me started on that…) there were more wins than losses and the Nats swept the Braves. A sweep is always good fun and now the Nationals magic number to clench the NL East is only 15.

The bad of this week was that Stephen Strasburg’s triumphant return from the DL (disabled list) was cut short when he only made it through three innings before throwing a wild pitch, wincing and leaving the mound with his glove covering his (wincing) mouth. The diagnosis is a flexor mass strain and there is no timeline for his return…so if you think of me, then pray for Stephen Strasburg’s arm. Ha!

I do love the baseball.

Five. Fall – As in the season…and not that I “fell” off the fitness wagon this week. I only sort of did…but I feel like with all the packing and lugging and shifting I’ve done and will do, it balances itself out, right? So I’ll leave you with some funny and fun Autumn memes that I stumbled onto last night. I’m ready for the cooler weather…it can arrive anytime and I’ll be perfectly pleased.

Happy Weekend-ing y’all! Have a splendid time and hopefully it will at least feel like Fall in your neck of the woods…because it won’t here!

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