Five on Friday

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Friday has arrived once more and that means it’s time for another edition of Five on Friday! Join me, won’t you?

One. National Dog Day – Did you know that today; August 26th, is National Dog Day? I’m sure if you’ve read this blog even once you’ll know that I absolutely love my sweet little Jack Russell terrier, Watson. Watson has been a part of my little family since March of 2010 and I’m oh so very thankful that the little guy wandered up and “chose” me to be his family. He has certainly made my life better and I hope I’ve done the same for him. Sweet pup!

The many faces of my sweet W.
Two. Nationals Baseball – This week has not been the best week for Nationals baseball…a road trip in Atlanta ended on a loss Sunday afternoon and then the Orioles beat us up a bit both in Baltimore and at home. However; last night in DC, Max Scherzer was bringing the heat: he threw ten strike-outs, holding the Orioles hitters at bay and allowing the offense to bring a 4-0 Curly W to finally end the series and the losing streak. Eek.

Katie LeDecky threw out the first pitch at Wednesday’s game (and it was a strike) and on Thursday night, Helen Maroulis was also in the house. It would seem gold medal Olympians like the Nationals. I’ll be at Nationals Park tonight for the first of a three game set against the Colorado Rockies – here’s hoping we get some more wins…although; we do still sit atop the National League East standings with an 8 game lead, so that’s comforting. And if it’s not comforting enough…then yea…just do as this article suggests…ha-ha!

The Nationals & Katie LeDecky = gold medal combination!
Three. Furniture Disaster – Remember just a few weeks ago when I purchased my lovely couch and shared the photo with you? Well…the couch arrived on Thursday the 11th…and I refused delivery because the bottom was ripped. I think we can all agree that there is no reason to accept a damaged couch, right? I contacted the company and they assured me I’d receive a brand new couch at no cost to me as soon as possible. Fast forward to this past Wednesday; the new couch was set to be delivered, but my most recent experience had me feeling pretty anxious about this delivery.

Unfortunately my anxiety was well founded because the delivery company called me and then sent me pictures…and somehow the couch was even more damaged this time! I refused delivery again and after getting a bit spicy with World Market (that would be the company….sigh…) they agreed to process my refund just a bit more quickly than I’d initially been told. So – we are now about two weeks away from moving day and I have no couch. *sigh* Back to square one…

Are you kidding me?!?

Four. House Update(s) – The house is nearing completion; moving day will be upon us soon and while I can’t wait to have my own space again, let’s be honest and admit that moving is never really that much fun! I haven’t been able to hit the “purchase” button on the desk I think I want just yet…I really want to make sure that I’ve explored all my options. And of course; as the above mentions, I’m back to step one of searching for a couch again. The clock is ticking! Eek!

The countdown is almost into the single digits…
Five. Fitness – I have really embraced the elliptical in the past few weeks…I know; I’m as shocked as you are, especially since I spoke out against it so strongly before! However; if I can turn on some HGTV or a Nationals game, I’m good to go on that bad boy!

I also started using a tracker app about a month ago – it’s called My Fitness Pal and it’s by Under Armour. I have to say; this app has been so helpful for me. You input how much weight you’d like to lose a week and the app lays out a daily calorie goal for you; you then input the things you eat and any exercise that you might do throughout the day…and of course, you can also track your weight and how much water you drink. I’ve enjoyed using it and being able to keep track of what I’m eating really causes me to pay attention to what I’m putting in my body…

Image result for my fitness pal
Maybe sometimes I jump in the air like that…ha-ha!
And that’s all I’ve got for this Friday! I’m just counting down the hours and minutes until some Friday night baseball and the weekend. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend – I plan to!

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