Five on Friday

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Friday has graced us with it’s presence once more and I couldn’t be more pleased. A veritable cold front also moved through (it’s only 84 outside…what magic…what wonder….) and so that’s really made today all the more lovely. 

Now…if only I could share the dire need to go back to sleep…all would be well. My alarm shocked me to life this morning and I haven’t quite recovered since. *sigh* Onward to the five…

One.  Job 37:5 –  “God’s voice thunders in marvelous ways; He does great things beyond our understanding.”

I think that sometimes when a verse pops up…oh…more than once or twice in the span of a couple days, maybe the Lord is saying “PAY ATTENTION TO ME HARD-HEADED CHILD.” I tend to need frequent reminders that my life is not my own; that the Lord has a plan and that He will “work all things together for the good of those that love Him…” I just struggle to remember that. So, the frequency of this verse this week…well it hit me and I thought maybe I’d share, in case you need that subtle reminder too. 

Because I know that it’s true.
And I know that He’s working.
And I pray that I would patiently trust Him – whatever His timetable might be.

And also – I used all caps not because I think the Lord yells – I do think that Lord’s voice thunders…because…the verse y’all. Pay attention!

Two. Billy Joel – Who I’ll be seeing in concert tomorrow night. So that should be all manner of lovely, delightful and good…if only the weather forecast would change. Right now, there’s a 60% chance of thunderstorms and well…Nationals Park doesn’t have a roof. *sigh* 

I think Nationals Park will look a little different tomorrow night...

Three. Winning – I know; you’re wondering if I mean winning at life, and while most days I feel like I am doing that (insert ironic laughter here)…I actually won something, so that’s what winning means!

A couple days ago the Instagram account for the Washington Nationals TV presenter/station asked fans to post their best picture from Nationals Park with all the corresponding hashtags and follow their account: the best photo would win a signed baseball. So…I just threw one of my photos from this past Saturday’s game out there and lo and behold…they contacted me on Thursday afternoon to let me know I’d won and get my address. What are the odds?!? 

Let me assure you – the excitement level is peak. I’m over the moon and can’t wait to get that baseball!

The winning shot – in all it’s glory.

Four. Nationals Baseball – Of course, I’ll segue into baseball after the above post. This week has been..well, filled with both the good and the bad. I’ll start with the bad: Jonathan Papelbon. Funnily enough; he’s been the bad before when he choked Bryce Harper last year… This year he’s choking in a completely different way. Somehow (oh wait – bad pitching) he blew the Nationals games on Sunday afternoon against the Padres and Tuesday night against the Indians. He tried to blow the game last night, but Ollie Perez and Shawn Kelley saved the day (night).

The good is that with last night’s win against the Giants, the Nationals were only the second team in baseball to reach 60 wins so far this season. The Nationals also have the second best record in ALL of baseball, second only to the Cubs…and let’s be real; the Cubs are on fire this season and they only have one more win than the Nationals. There are still miles to go before the season ends…but the trade deadline is looming and we need a new closer… 

Also: Trea Turner is FAST. So very fast. 

Tanner & Wilson – owning the Giants on 7/28

Five. The Fitness – I’m walking again…two miles (at least) and I need to really ramp it up…because the Bubble Run is in T-minus two weeks and I’m hoping Danielle doesn’t abandon my slow butt in the middle of a bubble bog! 

I’ve been using the My Fitness Pal app to track what I’m eating; I set a weight loss goal and the app tells me where I need to stay to achieve that. I’ve only been using it for about two weeks now but I’m liking how it works so far and plan to keep using it as I move along. It’s pretty remarkable to see just how much you do/don’t eat when you are actively paying attention…

And…that’s all for this week’s edition of Five on Friday! If you are like me, you’re counting down the hours until you are home free to relax. Here’s hoping this weekend doesn’t fly by!

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