I Can’t Even Deal

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It’s Monday – I can’t even deal.

Okay – so that picture is from last Monday – and while I can deal; I just felt like Watson was obviously feeling the stress when I took that picture last week. Granted, what could possibly stress Watson out is a mystery to me as I think he leads a pretty charmed life…but we all have our issues, right?

The past week seems like a blur…and July is almost completely gone; so that also feels like a blur, time is speeding by this year! The work week passed in fits and starts; a good example of a “fit” would be when I returned to the doctor for the follow-up to my blood work to be told she’d ordered the wrong test. You know what that means – right? I’ll be returning to be submitted to the vampires once more so they can steal and analyze my blood once more… *sigh*. 
I brought Watson into the office with me on Wednesday (he was with me on Monday too…but that’s neither here nor there) so he could take his very first trip to the groomers. He did excellently well and apparently being pampered in such a way is absolutely exhausting because once we got home, he could not function anymore… The most intense level of commitment he had to anything was laying stretched out across my bed and sleeping.

Being pampered really takes it out of you…

Thursday afternoon was eventful…to say the least. I won’t elaborate too much, but I got home from work and found that I had no way into the house. I’d left my key for the cleaning ladies and no one had thought about the fact that I might need a key to get into the house after work…and so I was stranded on the stoop. Thankfully I had my cellphone and a podcast (The Pop Cast) to listen to while I was awaiting my rescue. Thankfully I had my little sister to talk to and the heat wave hadn’t arrived yet so I didn’t melt. And when it was all said and done, we went out to eat after the rescue and so I suppose spending thirty minutes on the front porch watching the world go past wasn’t so bad.

Just relaxing on the stoop…

Friday evening after a LONG day at the office, I got to explore my apartment…which now has walls up and actually is starting to look like a home! Of course, with the walls up I start to really imagine all the things I want to do…ha-ha! I’m excited and hesitant and anxious and well, I just have all the emotions as far as that is concerned…so perhaps I’ll step away from that and just say – I’m having all the ideas. I closed out my night watching the original Ghost Busters for the time first time. That’s right; I had not seen Ghost Busters EVER until Friday, July 22nd at around 8:45 PM. It is what it is. My verdict on Ghost Busters (the original) is just…wow those special effects in 1984 were a thing of beauty. Insert hilarious laughter here. No really though – it was a good movie. 

Can I admit that when we saw the new Ghost Busters on Sunday…I liked it more. Don’t hate.

Look at all this wide open space..space that shall be mine…
Friday night lights.
Saturday morning snuggles…

Saturday – well what I can tell you about Saturday is that it was hotter than the surface of the sun. I’m not even joking when I say that; I haven’t experienced heat like I felt on Saturday since I moved from Mississippi to Virginia. It was BRUTAL. And can you guess what activity we had planned for the hottest day on record this summer (so far)? Baseball! Glorious, fabulous baseball! Happily, the game started at 7:05 in the evening…but considering at 7:05 it was still 96….well, that isn’t exactly much of a trade off, is it? 

I mean – yes, the Nationals provided a large cooling off room; it felt like walking into a sub-zero fridge from the hells of the Sahara desert and it was lovely, but I’m not sitting at the ball park and watching the game on TV when it’s unfolding right outside the doors. We all battled the heat like champs…but I have never been more afraid to stand up then I was during that game…because I knew my whole rear end would be soaked. I was sweating so profusely that I could literally slide around in my seat and when the guys in front of us stood up and their pants literally looked like they’d wet themselves? Worst fears confirmed.
Y’all – that is a record level of hot right there.

Ball Park – the view from the top.
A Werth’s eye view; as it were.
The promise of a win…a promise fulfilled in the 9th inning.

On the way home I may have mixed up some medication(s)…because listen…did you know that Pamprin (is that TMI – I’m sorry – it’s also just real life) has a muscle relaxer in it?? I did not and I took one Pamprin and one PM pain pill and expected that it would just relieve my headache a bit… Instead, it laid me out. There was a stretch of the drive home that honestly…I do not remember. I walked my dog in a fog and when I got into the bed, I slept like…well…like I was drugged. I guess I was! Ha! It was some of the best sleep I’ve had in a good while though and so I guess I know that if I really want some sleep…I’ve got the perfect drug cocktail. 

I’m kidding guys. I’m kidding. It was some good sleep though.

Taking that whole “day of rest” very seriously.

I joined my sweet Momma for brunch at the restaurant Region’s 117 – the restaurant that is part of the extensive clubhouse that my parents will have access to because of where their house is being built. Let me tell you that I must have told my Momma over and over that they’d made an excellent (just fantastic, really really well done) life choice by building their house at this location. We enjoyed some absolutely delicious Peach and Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast with Vanilla Bourbon syrup and Pee Wee’s Home Fries…I ate every single bite. We also had an artisan cheese plate with local honey, dried fruit and nuts and some delicious bread to sample with the cheese. It was all delicious and the surroundings were pretty impressive too!

Clubhouse views – outside.
Clubhouse views – inside (and outside again too…)
Delicious brunch.

After watching some baseball in the early afternoon – this time from the air conditioned living room – we all headed to the movies to see the new and (in my humble opinion) improved Ghost Busters. We followed our movie with supper at the Green Turtle and then raced to beat a storm home…and made record time, allowing me to sit on the stoop while Watson relaxed in the grass and watched the clouds roll in. The storm finally broke open around 9:00 and it poured…although it only lasted a little while. It didn’t do much to cool it off, but by 9:30 I was in the bed (I’d been fighting a headache all day and I’m kind of a grandma about sleep) and putting a cap on the weekend.

Awaiting a late afternoon storm…
Anticipating the cloud burst.

And that’s all I’ve got for the week in review… I can’t believe that the next time I do one of these “in the past week” style posts, it will be August. AUGUST. And there will only be five months of this year left. I can’t even deal…

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