I Promise I wasn’t Completely Lazy

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Oh Monday – you’ve arrived again. I feel extremely rested on this Monday morning and I’m fairly certain it’s because I had a seriously low key weekend. Nothing like doing nothing to make a person feel really rested and ready to take on another week – right? I didn’t do absolutely nothing…but I didn’t do a whole lot…

The best way to start any week – am I right?

I started my previous week off with a “bang” of sorts – I had to go have the dreaded blood-work done and I am not of fan of needles and blood. Once upon a time it didn’t phase me too much…I didn’t care for it, but it wasn’t a huge thing…but a few years ago, I hit the floor while having my blood drawn and then the next time…repeat performance. Suddenly I’m one of those people that has to let the blood letter know that “hey…I might slide right out of this chair…so just a heads up…”

I have discovered that the blood letter at my clinic is pretty much a genius at her job – one quick stick, about fifteen seconds and then she announces everything done and over with. I managed to keep myself amused during the whole sixty seconds that it took by discussing Nationals baseball with my sister via text and soon enough I was out the door and on to conquering Monday morning. Not so bad after all I suppose.

I don’t get this game – which is probably why I only had it on my phone for 5 minutes.
Oh thank heaven for 7-11

In other last Monday randomness: I do not understand Pokemon Go. I tried to explain it to a co-worker and in doing so, I downloaded the game for all of five minutes…long enough to discover there was a turtle at the front door of our office…and then I deleted it. I didn’t ever get the whole Pokemon craze and I still don’t…so there’s that. I also made sure to take advantage of last Monday being July 11th – you know, 7/11 day? Before my move to Virginia, there was nary a 7/11 in sight, so I’d never experienced the joys of getting a free Slurpee…but now that I live in lovely Virginia…you better believe I’m taking advantage of it!

My dog leads a really tough life…
Taking it all in…
Please ignore my crazy lady hair & look at the cute pup.

Now – not to reiterate that not much happens during the week – but yea…not much happened during the week. I met my friend Rachel for dinner on Tuesday night and we caught up some over some Cracker Barrel food but the rest of the week was pretty uneventful. I took pictures of my dog being goofy, watched the Home Run Derby and portions of the All Star Game, finally (finally) finished a book and generally just did a whole lot of nothing each day after work.

Watson loves all the new landscaping…
Dog Reflects on Nature – Take One

After work on Thursday, I arrived home to discover some new landscaping had been installed across the street from our house and Watson was extremely interested in making sure he checked out each and every new tree. There is a building boom in the current neighborhood I live in and along with new homes apparently comes a multitude of new plants, trees, shrubs and flowers…each of which has to be carefully inspected by Watson.

I threw together a Butterfinger Icebox Pie and some Loaded Potato Salad on Thursday night ahead of my friend Katie coming over on Friday and then watched multiple episodes of The Office on Netflix, while also washing laundry. By the time I went to bed on Thursday night, I really felt like a bum but I tried to remind myself that I’d not just sat and stared at the TV all evening: I’d done three loads of laundry, made supper for myself and made two of the four elements of supper for Friday night…so I wasn’t completely lazy! Ha!

Things are moving right along…
Not entirely sure what happened here…but it hurt…

Friday afternoon, about an hour and a half before time to call it quits for the week, my wrist started hurting pretty badly and I could not for the life of me figure out what I’d done to cause it to hurt! I tried to remember if I’d hit it against something or turned it funny…but nothing was coming to mind. I drove home and finished readying the meal with my wrist hurting so bad that I struggled to get the crock pot filled with pulled pork (yum) to the table! 

My friend Katie arrived and we immediately set to work on the food: Pulled Pork sandwiches, Baked Beans, Loaded Baked Potato Salad and Butterfinger Icebox Pie for dessert…with some wine, of course! Katie brought me the cutest Washington Nationals stemless wine glasses and we had some wine with our pie later in the evening while watching Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. After we ate dinner, we drove over to the house to check out the progress; I showed off what will become my apartment and Katie showed off picture and video of the new house she and her husband bought – new living quarters all around!

Iced Coconut Milk Machiatto – My new favorite.
Pulled Pork Mac & Cheese – I ate it all. Not even ashamed.

Now Saturday – that’s where we get into some real relaxation – ha! I slept in, drank my coffee while watching Big Hero 6 (so cute) and just generally spent the morning being lazy. After an early lunch of leftovers, I made a quick Target run to grab shampoo, conditioner and a wrist brace…and only realized on Sunday morning that I’d picked up two bottles of conditioner. Fail at life. *sigh* I also made a quick run to Starbucks and grabbed an Iced Coconut Milk Machiatto and I definitely think I’ve found a new favorite.

It’s made with coconut milk, espresso and caramel drizzle…it’s cold….and it’s delicious! I lapped it up en route to the house and after taking the pup outside a bit and finishing my drink, I went upstairs and started packing! That’s right – packing! Granted, the move won’t be for at least another 5-6 weeks, but I feel like after my last move, I know it’s never too soon to start packing away things that aren’t being used. So I boxed up random DVDs, Nationals bobble heads and even a whole load of purses…and I also cleaned everything out from under my bed. It wasn’t much – but at least it was a start – right?
I finished out my Saturday with some more laziness…I watched The Good Dinosaur (also cute) and then using some leftover pulled pork, I made some pulled pork mac and cheese…and y’all…it was SO good. It was so good and I’m not even ashamed to say that I ate every last bite! Just looking at that picture up there makes me wish I had more to eat right now… I also watched Sisters (can you tell the theme of my weekend was watching ALL THE MOVIES) and the Nationals baseball game (win!) before hopping into bed!

Post church coffee get together = more Iced Coconut Milk Machiatto
My Sunday afternoon sunbather…

Sunday I joined my friend Margaret for church and afterwards we went to Starbucks where I repeated my Saturday order and drank up another Iced Coconut Milk Machiatto…so good! We talked and talked and talked and finally around 1, we parted ways and I made a quick Wal-Mart run before heading home. I walked the dog in the blazing heat…oh my the heat…and watched almost all 18 innings of the Nationals game (which ended in heartache…sigh) before having supper, watching Cinderella and then sitting out on the back porch with my Watson to take in the (finally) cooler temperatures and the lightning bugs.

So – as you can see – I didn’t do much over the weekend. I can also tell you that it was an absolutely lovely weekend and I enjoyed every minute of my doing nothing. Sometimes doing nothing is good for the soul and leaves you feeling rested and refreshed…and so, I’m starting this week feeling just that way!

However – I’m also so thrilled that I have plans (Nationals baseball) for next weekend. Ha!

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