I’m Always Watching a Baseball Game

Perhaps I only know the song “Monday Monday” because I sang it in show choir…I know it’s considered an “oldie” but I think it says something about Mondays being so good. I don’t know about all that nonsense but at least last Monday was a holiday and so that has to count for something, right?
July Fourth – at the ballpark – in the rain.

I’ve already elaborated far and wide on Lindsey and I’s journey to the spend July Fourth at the ball park and it was thoroughly splendid, even in spite of the rain. I will say that the evening of July Fourth was probably one of the most unremarkable – and I don’t mean that in a bad way – ways I’ve ever spent the Fourth. My Mom, sister and I ate Papa John’s pizza (50% off courtesy of the Nationals win) and watched Zootopia…I suppose it was all very un-patriotic, but considering we got our fireworks, food and festivities in on Saturday evening, I feel like it was a perfectly lovely way to spend the day. Plus – Lindsey and I had already been very festive at the baseball game…so – I think it was a win-win!

When your parking lot is all busted up…
He’s very much at peace with nature…just relaxing in the grass.

Tuesday evening I helped a bit with my parent’s churches Vacation Bible school…and I use the term “help” very loosely in that I helped set up the snacks and chatted with a few people before heading toward home…via Target of course, ha-ha! I honestly wasn’t needed to help and so I went home, made supper and watched the Nationals game…because, priorities, obviously. Wednesday came and went without incident and the work week was half over…hallelujah. I mean – 9 days out of 10 I love my job, but I think we can all agree that everyone loves the weekends the best.

Goose Crossing – It’ll really slow down your AM commute.
Thursday afternoon starfish snack.

Thursday after work, I joined my friend Meridith and Danielle at the Alamo to see The Legend of Tarzan – a movie we were all quite drawn to because we all remembered much too well how we enjoyed watching Alexander Skarsgard on True Blood. We were all pretty drawn in by the storyline and while I agonized over whether or not I should eat healthy – please insert a hearty laugh here – it was otherwise a lovely time and the movie was really quite good!Β 

Most of my Friday was spent agonizing over how much I’d be paying to get new tires put on my car. I’d been quoted a price and so I should have just chilled out and went on with my day, but I couldn’t. I was certain that somehow the tires would be extravagantly more than I expected or had budgeted for and I would get to the dealership and my mind would be blown when they read off the price and I’d pass out. I mean – I’m not too dramatic, right? Surprisingly (or not…depending on your level of dramatics) the tires were exactly what I’d been quoted and all was well that ended well! I rounded out my Friday night with a late supper at Roma’s and of course…watching Nationals baseball…because, when am I not doing that?

This is meant to be a snapshot of a very faint rainbow… I realize now that it’s extremely faint.

I was pretty lazy on Saturday morning…but that; in my humble opinion, is what Saturday mornings are for. And considering that the next door neighbors had the parking lot blocked off with their moving truck, I couldn’t have attempted to do much more than be lazy if I’d wanted to. Win! I watched the season finale of Outlander and had lunch with my parents before meeting my friend Danielle to attend a performance of Sweeney Todd put on by the theatre students at Shenandoah University.

It was really an excellent show and we both thoroughly enjoyed it – we also both felt like a lot of the older people in the audience had no idea what the play was really about. After the play was over, an elderly woman in the restroom exclaimed “well that wasn’t so much a murder mystery as it was just a lot of murder” and Danielle and I both had to hold back our laughter!

Sweeney Todd – it’s hilarious but it’s also a little bit about cannibalism…
The “real” front door…
The view from my “front” door.

Once my afternoon of culture at the theatre was over, I met my parents for supper and then we went by their house that is in the process of being built. I’ll be renting a downstairs apartment space from them once the house is finished…because the living in Virginia is not cheap….and so I showed them where I wanted hook-ups to go in the basement before going home to end the night with…do I even have to type this?Β 

It’s baseball guys. I finished out the night watching the Nationals play the Mets. This series was important; the final four games before the All Star Break, the unofficial first half of baseball season and happily, the Nationals won the series. They took three of the four games, ended the first half of the season with a 6 game lead in the National League East and a team record five team members headed for the All Star Game in San Diego. Watson watched the game with me because he is obviously a huge fan and very consumed with the ins and outs of baseball. Hehehehe…

Very intrigued by Mad Max & his pitching skills…

After a rousing church service on Sunday and some delicious lunch…well honestly…there was more Nationals baseball because I watched the last of the four game series with the Mets. The real activity on Sunday afternoon was going to Amelia’s 2nd birthday party – Amelia was born less than a month after I moved to Virginia, so I like to joke that we’ve “grown up as Virginians” together in that time. The little stinker pranced around in an orange and blue tutu, enjoyed every moment of being sang to, opened each and every present with a vengeance and very quietly announced at the end “thank you”.

Modeling her birthday tutu…& maybe sitting in the pool in her clothes…
All these presents for me?

After having dinner at the local Mexican restaurant – because we had to have something to chase all that sugar… It was home to relax a bit and prepare for the week ahead. The real cap on the evening was when the Nationals bench player/fill-in first basemen tweeted at me…what an end to the weekend that was! And just like that, we are into the middle of July and another week is in the books!

Watson’s general lifestyle choice – to almost always be napping.
Clint answered me – so cool!

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