Another Week in the Books

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Oh Tuesday – it’s always nice when a work week starts a day late, isn’t it? Long weekends are short work weeks are basically living the dream when you’re an adult…or at least, a long weekend is just part of living the dream. I love my job, but I also love having some time off to just chill and holiday weekends are always looked forward to!

Out for an evening swim…picking up home repair items…
Summer Sunset – Gorgeous almost every day…

My work week last week was especially short – I only worked Monday through Wednesday, so when I relish in the joy of a holiday weekend…yea…my holiday weekend was a five day weekend. Nothing about that wasn’t amazing. After work on Monday I went out for my usual walk/jog after a nice evening rain shower; the golf course was empty of people and so I was able to utilize the really nicely paved paths all around the course, and as we crossed one of the many bridges I noticed a huge beaver dragging a tree limb along behind himself…pretty cool, I thought! Somehow Watson completely missed the whole thing…even though I tried so hard to point it out o him…he was way more interested in something rustling in the bushes nearby….

Tuesday evening as soon as I left work, I headed across town to see my friend and hair miracle worker Melissa. After much too long, I got my hair done and also just generally had a wonderful time talking with Melissa while she made my hair look fabulous! I’ll never be able to recreate the way she fixed it before I headed home on Tuesday night, but I’ve at least made a concerted effort…you know your hair never looks as good as when you leave the salon! I think all hair appointments should be at 7 AM and then at least you’d get a full day of looking fabulous out of your hair style – right? I feel like Melissa would not agree with this….

I got my hair did.
The stink face from Watson – how dare you leave?

Wednesday was my Friday – isn’t that an awesome thing to be able to say? After work, my friend Danielle and I tried yet another yoga class – this time it was aerial yoga and let me tell you…wow! I still haven’t decided if I really enjoyed it or really wasn’t sure what in the crap I was supposed to be doing. It was definitely an experience…and I definitely spent a portion of the class upside down…suspended from the ceiling with my butt and legs tangled artfully in yoga silks, trying not to split my head open! I could probably try it again – although hanging from my hip flexors will likely not ever by my thing…and I felt decidedly…off…after all was said and done. I felt those stretches for a couple days after!
Later on Wednesday night, my sister text me to announce that ESPN was airing the Washington Nationals game and she had the specific ESPN channel, so she could at long last watch a Nationals game on TV. We face-timed for a large chunk of the game and celebrated watching the Nationals take down the New York Mets together…or at least for most of the game. Watson even watched a little bit of the game; he can sometimes be tempted into watching a few innings, ha-ha!
Don’t doubt that Curly W love – watching baseball coast to coast…
Thursday night baseball in the District.

I happily slept in on Thursday morning – having time off is absolutely wonderful – and passed my morning doing a whole lot of nothing. Those kind of mornings are always so nice; taking time to sip coffee and just relax. My Mom came home shortly after lunch and we headed into DC for some Thursday night baseball…which of course, will have it’s own post! The game was wonderful and we sat just three rows back from the field – it was absolutely wonderful!

I didn’t sleep in too late on Friday but I did enjoy some time just sipping coffee and visiting with my sweet pup. I hopped on over to Manassas to visit with a sweet friend who has been having some more bumps in the road than normal; we grabbed lunch together and just caught up, it was nice. The rest of the day was spent in relative relaxation – I watched a couple episodes of The Office, ate some take out from Olive Garden, made a Wal-Mart run with my Momma (with a quick side stop at Starbucks) and watched the Nationals on TV…of course! It was a chill and relaxing evening and was wonderful!

Morning contemplation with my favorite stinker…
Cannons = Merica! 
Mountains + Giant Flag + Giant Plane = Celebrating America!

Saturday was a long but lovely day! After having coffee for breakfast – because that’s obviously the breakfast of champions – and forgetting my cake pop; again, I’m hitting it out of the park on breakfast choices, we headed into DC to pick up my little sister from the airport. On a whim, she bought a ticket and headed home for the July 4th weekend and we were all so very glad to see her!

After a quick stop off at the house to drop off her bag and pick up some pretty intense picnic essentials, we headed across state lines (through Virginia, West Virginia and into Maryland…) to Antietam Battlefield for their annual Fourth of July concert and fireworks; the concert being put on by the Maryland Symphony Orchestra and the fireworks being put on by…I have no clue, ha! We ate some burgers, potato salad, chips, fruit and a multitude of delicious sweet things – white chocolate dipped strawberries, brownies, cookies…oh my…so much food. The music was wonderful, the company was grand, the food was delicious and the night itself was just delightful. Fun fact: last year my sister and I bought matching clothes from Old Navy, while living hundreds of miles apart. This year, we wore those matching clothes. Because that’s how we roll.

We matched. Because we’re awesome like that.
Fire in the sky pre-fireworks….
Nothing says July 4th like glow in the dark jewelry…right?

Sunday was spent just relaxing – have you gathered that the theme of the weekend was relaxation? We all slept in after arriving home from Antietam around midnight – yikes! After having brunch together, we headed out to check out the progress on my parent’s house and stopped in at a local farmer’s market to get some vegetables to go with our kabobs on the grill! Our friend and her son joined us for a marathon rice krispie treat making session (for my parent’s church VBS) and supper; we of course passed the time during the treat making session watching the Nationals game and after a delicious supper of pork and chicken kabobs, grilled zucchini, corn, baked beans, potato salad and homemade blueberry crisp for dessert, we watched a movie together. 

And when I say together, even Watson managed to find himself a little spot on the couch to sit and watch the movie…spoiled rotten little guy!

My dog – basically a yoga master because of all the stretchiness…
Hugest hanging plants ever? Maybe….
The house…mostly the basement of the house…
Just sitting on the couch, watching a movie on Sunday night…of course…

 Another week in the books. Another month in the books too…seriously…how is this year already past the halfway point? I’ll blink and be blogging about Autumn leaves and Winter snowfall…good grief!

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