The Flashback – June

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Well people – the year is halfway over. I repeat – the year is halfway over! I feel like Summer really just got started off properly and now there are less than three months until Fall gets under way. What in the world? 
Nothing like looking back at the passage of time to make you realize how quickly time actually passes, right?


DC Baseball History hanging from the ceilings…
Father’s Day with this lovely Father of mine.
Summertime snuggles with this sweet one.
Moving day pals.
Bridesmaids Quote Along…costumes required, ha-ha! 
A warm…so warm…day in DC.
Walking with dinosaurs…
A fond farewell to some of my sweet lovies…
Once more…saying farewell to little sweethearts.
Watson enjoying the ride en route to our new mountain home…
Styx at Jiffy Lube Live with lifelong (literally) friends…
Summer sunsets & snuggles with my favorite pup!
Sunday morning snuggles with “my” boys…
Fresh guacamole with the family…
I promise Lindsey has clothes on…ha-ha…
CSI Animal Edition – What creature crawled across my car?
I don’t know what happened in 2012…but I can never find pictures.

A weekend in Clinton with a friend.
Sibling shenanigans…
One of the last pictures in front of our fireplace….
Summer Bowling League – sort of…ha-ha!
Eating beignets oh so carefully….
Exploring Cajun country…is that an arm in that gator’s mouth??
Step right up to the mausoleum…
Engineer Day – and Lindsey has on a cape…
Sibling Saturday night out…
Blueberry picking – complete!
College town luncheon & high school kid drop off…
Sibling Saturday night out…the first edition…
The faces game…because we have no sense…
And the one and only way back in time picture that I found is below…because there were no others….
Afternoon snuggles with a rescue pup….

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