Yoga, Sunsets and So Many Pictures of my Dog

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I don’t have a good “opening line” today… It’s overcast and breezy outside and I’m praying the weather stays in a holding pattern so I can walk this afternoon without feeling like I’m going to die. Remember when I complained about walking in the cold? Ha – never satisfied I suppose!

This past week was a doozy…and that’s putting it lightly. Also, my spellcheck is trying to tell me that doozy isn’t actually a word, but since this my blog…it can be a word and that will be fine, ha-ha!

Mondays are tough on everyone…even the dog apparently…

Have I mentioned that yoga is a thing this month? I feel like I have…but I also feel like I haven’t. Therefore: yoga is a thing this month. My friend Danielle and I decided to give it a whirl and this past Monday we went to a class labeled as “Gentle Yoga”…but I don’t think it played out as quite so gentle…

As complete newbies to all this yoga business, we figured it was a good fit and when I saw that some older people had chosen to attend the class…well I wasn’t even ashamed that I was in a yoga class with people that were possible 40 years older than me. All I could think about was maybe I wouldn’t sweat quite so much in this class as I did in the last one… I obviously have my exercise priorities very straight.
The normal teacher was unable to attend and therefore one of her co-workers stepped in…and I can only guess from some of the more seasoned yogis that the way she operated the “gentle” yoga class was not as gently as they were used to. By the time the class ended, I was once again covered in sweat…but then again, maybe that’s something that happens with every single yoga class? I’ll let you know once I’ve taken aerial yoga…

Unreal sunset – picture one.
Unreal sunset – picture two.

My Mom and I met up on Tuesday evening and finally – yes I know it had only been out five days – saw Finding Dory, which I absolutely loved. I almost inclined to think that my Mom enjoyed the short before the movie more than the actual movie…granted, it was awfully cute! Sometimes seeing animated movies with little kids in the theater can be pretty funny – they tend to have some pretty fantastic reactions to things that play out on screen.

Wednesday was a LONG day and also the day that made the week such a doozy… By the time I got home, I just wanted to sit and do nothing. I rallied some level of energy and managed to get in just over a mile walk before showering and proceeding to “do nothing” in the form of watching Inside Out with Watson.

Modeling his new tag…that so perfectly matches his collar. 
Watching some Disney/Pixar on a Wednesday evening…

On Thursday Watson came to work with me and as always, thoroughly enjoyed himself. He was much more…chill….this time around and spent a large chunk of the day napping on his blanket. Of course, he made sure not to miss his chances at begging for bites of food from both me and my co-workers and was delighted to get to make a quick trip to the post office after lunch… He started the ride in his car seat (yes – my dog has a car seat) and after I quickly popped into the post office (fear not, it was overcast, there was a cool breeze, the windows were cracked and I was gone maybe two minutes…) I was greeted on my return to the car with a pup now seated in the front passenger seat! 

He wouldn’t budge and so since our drive back was fairly close and quick, I just let it go.

I’m supposed to sit in my car seat? No thanks – I’ll pass.
Taking in the sunset on Friday evening…

After a stop in at my parent’s house site…where it seemed not a single thing had been done since last week…we grabbed some Mexican food for supper and then my Mom and I took Watson and drove over to my friend Katie’s house. I was watering her plants while she was out of town for the weekend and I knew Watson would appreciate a quick car ride…

I didn’t realize how much he’d appreciate trying to terrorize the next door neighbor’s goats. And lest you think he really caused the goats any mental or emotional trauma…please know that my dog is a pansy and just likes to act tough! He growled fiercely and barked like a wild man…but the minute the goats moved closer to the fence, in an effort to check him out, he raced in the opposite direction…terrified. At one point, he even tried to rush the goats and then slammed on the brakes, sliding across the grass in abject terror that he was going to actually get too close to the goats. He’s nuts y’all.

Glorious sunset – picture three.
I wish I could claim these as my own…

Saturday morning I got to do my favorite thing…sleep late! Actually, my Saturday started off pretty rocky because I felt a bit like I was going to be sick…but it passed, I rallied and shortly around lunch time, I joined my parents and we drove over the Sheperdstown, WV for a street festival. Let me just say…I don’t know that I’ve ever seen so many mullets in one place…ha-ha! Looking past the questionable hairstyle choices, there were plenty of fantastic crafts on display and while I didn’t purchase anything for myself, I saw plenty I would have loved to have!

Pineapple soda + street fair = Saturday goodness
Peanut Butter Cup Cupcake – obviously delicious.

After a delicious stop to grab a cupcake, we cruised over to Sharpsburg, MD and snooped around an antique store before grabbing supper and driving home. Both my parents joined me to go water my friend Katie’s plants and then we went across the mountain to get some ice cream – and what do you know, they even offered a Pup Sundae that had a small scoop of vanilla ice cream and two dog bones! Watson immediately lapped up every drop of his sundae and then proceeded to prance around happily for the rest of the evening!

Wondering “where is my ice cream…”
A sundae – just for me?
I’ll take care of this in no time…

Sunday was relaxing in an on and off manner… After church, I grabbed some Starbucks to go and sat out on the deck, enjoying my cold coffee, the gentle breeze, the sunshine and of course, my sweet pup’s company! We grilled out for lunch and then I spent the afternoon being less relaxed, watching my Nationals finally eek out a win against the Brewers and put an end to the painful road trip they’ve been on. 

I closed out my Sunday evening with some vegetables from Cracker Barrel, enjoying the beginning of Shark Week and watching what might possibly be the best finale in the history of Game of Thrones. A doozy of a week, a good weekend and now we are on to the next one!

Sunday morning vibes…
Sunday morning vibes – part two.

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