Five on Friday

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The most blessed of all days of the week has returned – thank goodness! Well, maybe Saturday is really the best day…and I suppose if we’re being technical, Sunday is the most “blessed” day, but Fridays are pretty excellent too – right?
As always, I’m linking up with some of my favorite blogs for Five on Friday and as such, I thought I’d share with you five of my favorite blogs to read each and every day!
One. A.Liz Adventures – This is hands down one of my faves…but then again, these are all my faves. I love reading about April and her family, which include her sweet little girls Camille and Charlotte. April posts everything from recipes, to fashion, to day in life style posts…it’s really a little bit of everything and I love it. Check her out here: A. Liz Adventures
Two. Carolina Charm – I think I stumbled onto Carolina Charm through April’s Five on Friday link-ups, started reading and haven’t turned back. Christina’s blog is quite similar to April’s; she post about her life with two small kiddos (daughter Caroline and son Thomas…she has two; two and under!) and her husband, recipes and products she loves…just to name a few things. She also shares her strong Christian faith; her blog is really just a delight to read! Find her here: Carolina Charm
Three. The Nats Blog – Certainly you knew that something related to my beloved baseball team would make this list, right? I found my way to the Nats Blog through one of my favorite Nationals podcasts; Nats Talk Live. The blog covers not just the baseball games but discusses draft picks, potential (and hopeful) trades, sabremetrics and well…just about anything you can think of related to baseball. They also do a weekly off the field round-up with pictures, posts and happenings that the Nationals were involved in. If you are so inclined: The Nats Blog
Four. BooMama/Big Mama – This is technically a “cheat”…but maybe we can agree that you could see it as getting two for the price of one? Sophie Hudson is BooMama and Melanie Shankle is Big Mama and they come together to form the Big Boo Cast, another podcast I listen to religiously…I may or may not be listening to it now. Each woman has their own blog and both provide hilarious insight into life and walking the Christian walk with humility, grace and most of all…humor! They also have books that I’d highly recommend! BooMama is here: BooMama and Big Mama is here: The Big Mama Blog
Five. Nat Your Average Girl – The final blog to make this list is authored by a lady with an absolutely spectacular name…Natalie! Natalie is a California girl who blogs about life in California with her husband Matt and their daughter Blair. Her most recent posts have been dedicated to the Lord’s faithfulness through infertility and the abundant blessing(s) that the Lord has poured out on her: she is expecting twins in just a couple months! Like April and Christina, she covers all sorts of topics and her blog is always just so delightful and uplifting. Find Natalie here: Nat Your Average Girl
So there you have it! Five blogs that I love to read! Granted, I read something along the lines of about twenty-five to thirty blogs a day…thank goodness they don’t all update every day…I’d never get anything done! If you want to check these out – I can guarantee that you’ll love all five…and I say all five because I gave you the freebie on number four. 
Because let’s be honest – a lot of you probably aren’t as interested in Washington Nationals baseball as I am, right? 

2 thoughts on “Five on Friday

  1. Ha – except that my Nats can't ever seem to beat your Reds! 🙂 I'll be watching the Nats take on the Reds this week…hopefully home field advantage will help us…


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