Best Laid Plans

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This post was definitely supposed to happen yesterday…but then I opened up this page and sat here thinking about what to write, some way to start things off with a witty remark…anything…and absolutely nothing came to mind. 
I put it off until the end of the day and when I still couldn’t come up with anything, I let it go…went and changed for yoga…and went on about the rest of my evening. I didn’t think twice about it until this morning and while I’m not necessarily feeling anymore witty or wordy today than I did yesterday – because it seems to cycle back and forth – here we are once more! 
Yoga dog starts the week off with a nice pose.

My week was supposed to be filled with activities and Monday night was no exception to that – but I shot myself in the foot; so to speak, when it came to Monday night’s activity. I was supposed to be joining my friend Danielle for a *free* screening of Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark at the Alamo and I’d picked up my ticket a week previous and thought I’d placed it in a safe spot….but the key to this story is that the ticket looked like receipt paper… Can you already see where this is going? I bet you can…

I met my Mom to grab supper at the Green Turtle before meeting my friend Danielle and thought that I’d better go ahead and put the ticket where I wouldn’t have to rifle through my entire purse to find it… And then realized pretty quickly that when we were out and about over the weekend, I’d definitely added some cash to the same location where the ticket was stored…and thrown it away because I thought it was an old receipt. *face palm* I emptied my purse out on the table – knowing the ticket wasn’t in there. I ransacked my car – knowing the receipt wasn’t in there. I went back to the Alamo and inquired about another ticket to the sold out show – knowing it wouldn’t work out. I finally had to call Danielle and throw my hands up…I had thrown the ticket away and that was all there was too it.
I finished supper and missed the showing of Indy – thank goodness it was free, right? And while I was definitely sad about missing the movie, I did get to go home and watch my Nationals beat the Cubs. I’d like to think they knew I needed to feel better, ha!

Sunny Tuesday Night + Baseball = Perfection
Hot night…summer in the city..
Office dog recovering from a day of hard work on the ride home…

Tuesday my Mom and I went to a Nationals game and I dedicated a whole post to that… On Wednesday Watson came to work with me; he’s becoming something of an office mascot and he gets spoiled rotten every single time he comes to visit. As if he’s not already completely rotten! Wednesday night I had planned to finish watching the Nationals/Cubs game that started at 4:05 and then go walking…but my plans got a bit derailed by extra innings. It happens.

When the game went into the 10th inning, I face timed my sister and was on pins and needles watching those boys of Summer…I wanted a win so badly! Especially since it was Dusty’s (the manager) birthday! Lindsey and I did all sort of “rally” things – I put on my broken sunglasses that now look like crazy 1970’s granny glasses, we put pillows on our heads, etc… And finally, finally in the bottom of the 12th inning, the Nationals pulled out a victory that had me jumping up and down, hollering and yelling and caused Watson to come racing down the stairs and look at me like “what in the world is wrong with you?!?” Ha!

Don’t knock my rally spectacles…ha-ha!
Watching the Nationals go into 12 Innings…

Thursday after work my friend Danielle and I went to our first yoga class; we weren’t sure how it was going to unfold, but it was actually pretty cool. Well – not cool literally because I swear, I had no clue I would sweat that much! And it wasn’t even hot yoga! We “ooohhhhmmm-ed” and “namaste-d” our way through the hour long class and once it was done, I headed home under darkening skies.

Once I got home and got a quick shower, I turned on Flip or Flop but watching it was short lived as the clouds rolled in, the rain started and the satellite cut out… I called my parents to tell them that it was getting a little nuts at the house and my Mom’s famous words were “it’s just a little bit of rain…”. I hung up with them and almost simultaneously a huge clap of thunder rattled the house and the power went out! Watson took one look at me and fled into the basement and as the wind picked up and was whistling and wailing around the house, I decided he might have a good idea. We hunkered into the corner of the basement just in time to hear the hail start peppering the windows and all I could think was “just a little bit of rain” my butt!
The storm passed after about twenty minutes and thankfully no damage was done to any of the vehicles – I paced around my car like a maniac inspecting it. I did have quite a large tree branch wedged underneath my car and some of the siding on the house was peeled away…but all in all, not too much damage! The power stayed out well into the early morning hours, so when I fell asleep at sometime around 10:45, it was with the windows open, praying for a stray breeze to blow in…


Friday afternoon I was able to leave work early and so I headed home and relaxed a bit. I joined my parents and we went to a nearby farmer’s market before stopping to see the progress on their house. The basement has been poured; the basement will be my apartment space for a bit, while I formulate some other plans and so Watson was eager to check out what will be our “home” for the last portion of 2016. He was also the only one of us that could walk down the steps and into the interior of the house to really get a feel for things…

Around 6:30 I headed to nearby Warrenton to meet my friend Rachel for dinner and drinks at an Irish Pub – we’d been to this pub before and enjoyed it – this time it wasn’t quite as good. The waiter brought out our waters and before placing Rachel’s on the table announced “there is something floating in this; I’ll go get another one”… Which – yes please. I ordered a Flirtini (that name makes me cringe) and was all set to take a sip when I noticed the glass had a very definite lipstick mark on the side and so that had to be sent back to be re-done/put in a clean glass…yikes! The food was only alright this time and we couldn’t quite shake the feeling that the bread was perhaps a little stale. 
The food certainly didn’t earn high marks but the company was definitely great and we had a good time; in spite of the rather spotty (literally) service.

Wandering the green house on Friday evening…
Watson investigates the house progress…
The Flirtini – after it had been made in a CLEAN glass!

Saturday was a gloriously lazy day – I hadn’t had one of those in a while and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I slept until almost 9 and then I was free to sit in the recliner, drink coffee and watch Outlander to my heart’s content. It was wonderful I tell you, wonderful! Shortly after noon I decided to go see X-Men Apocalypse and so I made myself decent and scooted over to the Alamo for the afternoon showing. I really enjoyed the movie and I also really enjoyed my Key Lime Pie shake – it was delicious!

I made a short stop after the movie at Old Navy and grabbed two shirts (on sale) and a pair of earrings before returning home to play with the dog and watch a movie…again while relaxing in the recliner. It was a wonderful way to spend Saturday and I enjoyed every minute of my lazy day!

Saturday morning chair snuggles.
Key Lime Pie Shake – for the win!

Sunday was Father’s Day – so I celebrated the BEST Dad on the planet – mine! Obviously! Ha! I joined my parents for church and after we had brunch at a restaurant in town. The food was good, even if at times the buffet seemed a little sparse. We left the afternoon activites up to my Dad and he chose to go home, open his gifts and relax… Which meant I ended up taking a Sunday afternoon nap. And let me tell you, I napped hard! I woke up after about 45 minutes with drool on my pillow – yikes! 

We rounded out the day watching the Nationals game (it was sad) and getting supper at TGIFriday and I watched one of the most intense episodes of Game of Thrones that I’ve ever watched. All in all, it was a wonderful week…even if some of my best laid plans got a bit derailed at the start…

Father’s Day Pic Stitch!
Posing before dinner!

I leave you with Watson…no doubt thinking to himself on Sunday night “Monday is almost here – again?!?”

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