Paging the Sunshine…

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It rained ALL week. If I honestly had to sum up the past week in one sentence – that’s the sentence. It just rained and rained and rained…and oh wait, yes – it rained again for good measure. I am looking back at the past week and honestly; I don’t think I did too much. Rain has that effect though…of making you just want to sleep and be lazy. Not the best combinations…but you know…
He’s just so good looking. Man.
Working out is hard. Water breaks are not.

My Dad returned late Sunday night/early Monday morning from visiting MS to help my sister pack up her house and he returned bearing gifts. The above pictured ESPN MLB 2016 Preview Edition – which I could not find for the life of me in the Northern Virginia area but my sister managed to snag in MS. Thank goodness! Lindsey also found a pretty amazing mug that describes my usual state when coffee is not present – I’ll ask you excuse the tragic dark circles under my eyes in the picture below; I slept…well…not great almost all week last week. Not sure what was up with that!

The under eye circles are a real thing – yikes!
A promise that perhaps one day it would stop raining? I suppose…

I did still manage to get some walking/jogging in but in was sometimes superseded by the crappy weather. My Dad and I had good intentions to walk on Tuesday evening but only got about a mile into the walk before the rain started…and I feel like I’ve shared this already on here….but I can’t for the life of me think why I feel that way? Maybe not! Anywho, my Dad brought along an umbrella just in case and we all three ended up trying to crown under it to keep from getting drenched as we raced back up the hill to the house! Oh wait – I definitely mentioned this in my blog post on Friday. Oh well, ha-ha!

We managed to pick up where we’d left off on Wednesday and went almost three miles when it was all said and done. The ground was absolutely saturated though; my new sneakers came out of it all a little worse for the wear and I swear Watson actively sought out every mud puddle he could find and raced through it with wild abandon, his feet required a thorough wipe down after we got back to the house. Which confused him – he thought he should just be able to race through the house, spreading his joy and muddy feet everywhere. He did get rewarded on Thursday after our walk with a lick or two of my Popsicle…which honestly, gives him so much joy.

Over a week of rain = rushing river(s)…
What do you mean my feet are too muddy to go in??
Who are you looking at?
Popsicle’s are delicious…

I was able to leave work early on Friday – thanks to my delightful boss! My Dad and I went out to dinner at Longhorn (I guess I should mention that my Mom was in Las Vegas with my sister, looking at houses…) and then perused Books A Million for a while. I found a book on MLB Ballparks that was awfully tempting but they only had about two or three pictures of Nationals Park and honestly…I love baseball of all kinds, but if I’m going to buy a book about ballparks as a whole, I need Nationals Park to be represented more strongly. Priorities people! We closed out the night watching Ant-Man in preparation for seeing Captain America: Civil War on Saturday and I went to bed shamefully early…like…before 10:30 because I like to sleep.

Friday night snuggles… Snuggles are SO rare…
Saturday afternoon goofiness…

Saturday I slept sort of late…not even till 8:15…oh well. I sipped my coffee and watched Outlander before getting out to get in a 2 mile walk/jog. Once I returned home, my Dad was rearing to go to a Civil War battle reenactment; the battle of Front Royal to be more exact, and so I quickly got ready and we were out the door shortly after noon. We watched some goofy men reenact the battle and holy moly…the guns were SO loud and there were people everywhere! After the battle ended, we had lunch at Element – a new place in Front Royal that has a lot of promise, but it’s obvious they are still working out some kinks! The sun finally showed it’s face on Saturday and I have never been so happy to see sunshine in my life! 

Which means my Dad and I spent the afternoon in a dark theater – ha-ha! We went to a late afternoon showing of Captain America: Civil War (it was a very civil war kind of day apparently) and had dinner at Five Guys before coming home.

I’m not sure what the strange yellow thing in the sky is…but I like it…
Wake up – the movie is starting!

I can’t believe it but somehow I don’t have a single picture from Mother’s Day – I don’t know where my brain was at! We picked up my Mom and sister from the airport around 10:30 and went to brunch at McMahon’s Irish Pub – it was absolutely delicious and I’m still sitting here in complete disbelief that I don’t even have a picture of the beautiful, fluffy meringues or a goofy shot or my sister and I at the table. I don’t know know what was going on! Too busy enjoy one another’s company for phones perhaps? *gasp*

We stopped on at the model home en route to our house; they will be breaking ground on my parent’s new house in two weeks, so they wanted to show Lindsey what it will look like. I spent the afternoon watching Nationals baseball (thirteen innings and a loss…so sad) and getting in a 3 mile walk and we closed out Mother’s Day with pizza and relaxing. It was all very low key and maybe that’s why there are no picture? I have no clue!
And now we are at Monday once more – and I find myself paging the sunshine again because it’s raining again! Based on the weather forecast, it looks like we will be seeing rain for the foreseeable future…the whole week looks damp…well, except for Wednesday. Thank goodness – rain isn’t good for baseball….you know?

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