Five on Friday

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Friday is here – and of course that means it’s time for Five on Friday! Without further ado…

One. Thank You – My post yesterday was pretty intense and I definitely went back and forth before clicking publish. I received such kind words on Facebook (I link all my posts there) and if you were one of those people, just know your words truly touched me! It’s hard to put something like that out there, but seeing that response reminded me exactly why I went ahead and hit publish!

Two. Rain – Y’all…it has rained every day since last Wednesday! I don’t mean Wednesday as in two days ago. I mean Wednesday as in TEN days ago! The sun has come out in fits and starts but usually only for about five to ten minutes a day; as if to let us all know it’s still there, before slipping back behind mountains of clouds. I have never wanted to see the sun so much in all my life – this rain is about to make me lose it! Happily, it’s looking like if I can just make it through today, the sun will finally…finally make it’s return on Saturday! 
I am Stitch. Stitch is me. This rain though…*tear*

Three. Nationals Baseball this Week – This past week has been a good one for the Nationals! The team set out of on a ten day road trip last Friday and the road trip promised to be a test of the team’s mettle: three games against the St. Louis Cardinals, three games against the World Series Champion Kansas City Royals and four games with the Chicago Cubs, who have the best record in all of the MLB at present!
The Nationals swept the St. Louis Cardinals over the weekend; the first time the Nationals have ever swept the Cardinals in franchise history! The Nationals won the series against the Royals, taking 2 of the 3 games and giving the Royals a fond farewell on Wednesday with a 13-2 victory! They lost their first game at Wrigley last night…but hey, baseball is a marathon and not a spring. And y’all – the Cubs are GOOD…so I’m not scared. Hopefully we’ll battle back this afternoon for a Curly W! 
Daniel Murphy – I’m so glad the Mets decided they didn’t want him anymore. He’s basically the best. No seriously.

Fun Fact: Last night was the first time in MLB history that the top four teams in baseball played in one city: The Chicago Cubs and Washington Nationals faced off (Cubs have best record in baseball, Nationals are tied for second best) and the Chicago White Sox and Boston Red Sox also faced off (The White Sox are tied with the Nationals for second best and the Red Sox are in third). Congratulations to the Windy City for playing host to that milestone! Cool, right?

Four. Weekend Plans – Which of course include sleeping in on Saturday – duh! I’m having dinner with my Dad tonight and I’ve coerced him into going to see Captain America: Civil War with me tomorrow afternoon, ha-ha! We are picking up my Mom and my sister from the airport on Sunday morning and taking my Mom to brunch to celebrate what a splendid gift of a Momma she is! I’m not sure what else is on the agenda for this weekend…but I’m sure we will make my Mom feel extra loved on Sunday and hopefully spend some time outside since the sun will finally be back!

This just cracked me up…
Five. Fitness – This week has only been okay! The weather has been a big factor because in case you didn’t get the drift from point two…all the rain! I walked Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday but decided to take a day off yesterday, mostly because it was cold and wet and I had no motivation to take my butt down to the elliptical! I’m hoping with the sun finally scheduled to make a return appearance this weekend, I’ll get some steps in the sun! 
Funny story: On Tuesday my Dad and I headed out to walk with clouds looming on the horizon and my Dad thought to bring an umbrella along. Thank goodness because about a mile in, here came the rain! We turned back and my Dad opened the umbrella; let me tell you, it is hard to walk quickly while trying to stay under an umbrella! It’s even harder when your pup decides he’d like under the umbrella too! We made it home without getting soaked…but my calves were burning something fierce after practically running all the way up the hill! Yikes!

True Story
That’s all I’ve got for this Friday! Only a few more hours until the weekend…I’m counting them down!

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