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Let’s be honest – doesn’t it always seems like the weekend is where the real meat and potatoes of a week happen? Usually (not always) the week itself is filled with work and errands and just trying to cram in all the things that need to be done and the weekend in when you have time to really enjoy yourself. 
Definitely not to say that the week can’t be enjoyed itself – I usually quite enjoys my weeks; they just always seems to speed by, and sometimes they are a little bit more stressful than the weekend. You know what I mean, I’m sure! I thought I’d focus a bit more on the weekend than the week itself…because honestly, I think we all probably enjoy the meat and potatoes a little bit more than the salad, right?

So – my shirt arriving was the only miracle…
Snake sighting number 2 for us – Watson was more intrigued by this one.
Chocolates for Administrative Professionals Day
I just want to love on him – he’s thinking “this is my nightmare”…

The week passed pretty quickly – it was only a four day week courtesy of Apple Blossom Festival, a local celebration that allows our office an extra day of vacation – score! I managed to feel worn out and pitiful all day on Monday; I’m going to attribute that to all the sun I got sitting through sixteen innings of baseball, so I was out like a light shortly after nine on Monday evening. Tuesday I received my Church of Scherzer t-shirt in the mail and sadly…while it wasn’t much luck for Tuesday’s baseball game, I wore it all day Sunday and it worked like a charm, ha-ha! 

Wednesday the rain arrived and unfortunately it stuck around in some form or another for the rest of the week/weekend – I went out for my walk/jog (wog? jalk?) through the mist and fog and once I returned home, I looked out the window and thought to myself “you couldn’t pay me to get out in that…” even though I was obviously just out in it. I guess relief that I was done? Ha-ha! After work on Thursday, my Mom and I went the to grand opening of Aldi – which, if you are unaware – is an awesome grocery store. And then…since neither of us had any pressing work commitments on Friday, we watched multiple episodes of Bones and Scandal – because – it’s just delightful.

All of the coffee…all of it.
Pretty delicious berry cobbler!

I slept until almost 8:40 on Friday morning and it was absolutely amazing. I haven’t been sleeping well during the week – although why that is, I have no clue – so sleeping in was absolutely blissful! I casually drank coffee and managed to get my Mother hooked on the show The Night Manager before we got ready for the day and headed out. We had lunch at Firefly; a seriously delicious little cafe and then stopped in at the mall to grab some cards and birthday gifts. Later in the evening we watched Crimson Peak and just sat around doing a whole lot of nothing….except eating some seriously delicious cobbler that my Mom made. Yum.

Wegmans – you have my heart. And my stomach.
Tiptoeing through the tulips…
Have you ever seen so many gorgeous flowers?

I slept in AGAIN on Saturday – y’all – there is nothing like sleeping in, I’m telling you! Sleeping in and slowly sipping coffee are two of my favorite things! My Mom and I ventured over to Haymarket on Saturday to pick tulips at Burnside Farms but before we tiptoed through the tulips, we stopped in at Wegmans for lunch and oh my goodness, it is probably a blessing in disguise that we live almost 35 minutes from the closest Wegmans. I would be in trouble if it were any closer! They had the most gorgeous fruit and salad bars, numerous soups to pick from and there was even a macaroni and cheese bar – are you kidding me? It was not exactly a win for the diet, but man it was all absolutely delicious!

After stopping in at Dick’s to get new sneakers (walking on a frequent basis wears some sneakers out…) we headed over to Burnside Farms to pick tulips and daffodils…in the gloom. I suppose the overcast weather was nice in that it wasn’t hot picking tulips, but the gloomy weather was definitely a downer because it had been around almost all weekend. The tulips were absolutely gorgeous and they stretched on for rows and rows; there were quite a few people with their sweet little children darting among the rows to pick and choose flowers. Once we finished picking our flowers, we returned home to (more) rain and went on a Target run before settling in for another movie night…this time we watched Brooklyn…which was fine.

Hey – just let me eat my hamburger in peace – unless…wait…do you want a bite?
The birthday girl opening her presents…a bit belatedly…
They almost don’t look real…right?

After church and coffee with a friend on Sunday, we joined our friends for birthday lunch at Chili’s and finally…finally after almost four full days of nothing but clouds and gray and mist…the sun came out! Since the sun decided to finally shine down after days of cloud, we went home after lunch and gathered up Watson and headed over to the Arboretum to wander around and soak up the sunshine for the afternoon. I needed that Vitamin D y’all! We took the long way home to take in all the views and again – as much sunshine as possible, ha-ha! After having some cereal for supper, Watson and I took a couple walks outside and watched an epic thunderstorm roll in over the mountains before I went upstairs to watch Game of Thrones and call it a night!

Flowers in bloom at the Arboretum!
I love this Iris – so gorgeous!
Watson wondering what might be hiding under the algae…
The clouds seemed to have gotten hung up on the peaks…
We only got the sunshine for the afternoon…then the clouds came back to close out the weekend. 

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