Five on Friday

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Friday has arrived once more – as always – I am so glad to see the weekend! Or at least…it’s almost the weekend, ha-ha! Here are five things that are floating around in my head on this rather gloomy (at least in Northern VA) Friday afternoon.

One. Flashbacks – Y’all, Prince died. I know…I know…who knew I was a Prince fan? Actually, I can’t claim to have listened to that much Prince in my lifetime, although I know plenty of his songs. However, thinking about Prince yesterday afternoon brought to mind the song When Doves Cry which made me remember the movie Romeo & Juliet from all the way back in 1996! My friend Dee and I were obsessed with both the movie and the soundtrack!

I can very distinctly remember spending a Friday night in the room over our garage watching the movie and dancing around to the soundtrack. We may or may not have also climbed onto our air hockey table to dance…which may or may not have led to my Dad getting a little heated with us. Apparently air hockey tables are NOT made for dancing on like you’re at the club…oops! 

Two. This Week in Nationals Baseball – A recap of the past week of Nationals baseball; I think I’ll make this a weekly thing. At least for the next six months; ha! The Nationals come out of the past week at 4-3; the team is 11-4 on the season, so not terrible. The Nationals still sit at the top of the NL East Standings, up 3.5 games on the Mets (gross) and will be at home for the next week with a three game series against the Minnesota Twins starting tonight, an off day on Monday and a three game series against the Phillies before heading out on the road again…

Best game of the week? That would easily be Tuesday night’s 7-0 win over the Miami Marlins! The game was decidedly a pitching duel until the 7th inning when the Nationals bats busted loose and they scored seven runs in the seventh by hitting four home runs…back to back…load the bases…back to back. Jayson Werth hit his 200th home run and Wilson Ramos followed with his own homer. The bases loaded up just in time for Harper to hit his 2nd Grand Slam in less than a week and Ryan Zimmerman offered a nice finale by following Harper’s Slam with a home run of his own. A very pretty curly W if you ask me!

Three. Game of Thrones Season Six – After what seems like an eternity of waiting for the next season of Game of Thrones, it finally premieres on Sunday night. I am not quite as ravenous about season six as I have been previous seasons…mostly because season five left a lot to be desired (for me). I like the previews I’ve seen and I hope season six is as great as it’s been promised…and don’t even get me started on Jon Snow’s fate!

Four. Weekend Plans – I’ve got some of those, ha-ha! I have BIG plans to do absolutely nothing on Friday night…nothing except watch Netflix and really just relax. I suppose I’d better say that since saying “Netflix and Chill” means something that does not involve chilling…oh today’s youth and their slang words and phrases…

I’m going to do my best to sleep in on Saturday, get in some walking and catch Outlander before heading to my friend Danielle’s for supper on Saturday night. And Sunday – well Sunday I’m headed to one of my favorite places on Earth: Nationals Park! The time has finally come (after the game was “snowed” out two weeks ago) for a game in DC and my friend Katie will be joining me for the game. And ice cream will be involved at some point too…

Five. Fitness – This week has gone good! I feel like I’m settling in much better with the whole Weight Watchers thing and I also feel like I’m starting to hit my stride where fitness is concerned! I will say – now that I’ve consistently walked two miles or more almost every day, I feel like anything less than two miles is slacking! Eek! However, I do think that since today is Friday…I may only a mile. Or a mile and a half…. We’ll see!

So – there you have it. The five things on my mind the Friday. And now that I’m home from work early, I’m off to get started on my weekend plans a bit sooner than expected. Until next time!

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