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Monday again already – how did that happen?? I can only say that now that this Monday’s less than delightful start (blood work at 8:30 AM, certainly – sounds like a dream) has come and gone, I feel confident that this Monday can only be of the good…and the only real reason I have behind that thought process is that baseball is back and really…that’s all I need.

The past week seems like it just blurred by – and I know – I say that almost every week. It’s just the truth I guess. I’ve changed my calendar over to April and I can’t even look back to tell you what I did last week…beyond the obvious…work, walk, home…

Nothing starts a morning off right like a photo of a giant worm! 
My picture – which looks almost identical to the box my friend Meridith found! 

The weekend previous to the start of last week was jam-packed and so a calm week was just what the doctor ordered. The work week managed to be pretty leisurely too, which was extremely nice and might have been what made the week go by so fast – maybe?

My sweet friend Meridith found an amazing little trinket box that had a picture that looked almost exactly like a picture I’d taken in DC at the Tidal Basin of the cherry blossoms. The box was once upon a time a little souvenir and I was in love immediately. I’ve got it sitting on my bedside table and perhaps I’ll find some special things to store inside of it as time goes by…but it’s most special because a friend saw it and thought of me.

Watson wishes he could have some chocolate rabbit…but all his got was a taste of golden seal…

I wish I had things to tell – I am wracking my brain to think of things that happened last week – but honestly, I’ve got nothing. It was such a chill week…and by chill, I mean not much happened. I’m such an old lady sometimes that I was in the bed, reading my book by…oh, I don’t know, 9:30 some nights? Ha-ha…honestly, it’s delightful. 

The latter part of the week was filled with lots of baseball related things; the end of last week was the last week/weekend without Major League baseball for the next six months (I couldn’t even accurately express my joy if I tried) and so I made sure that I had tickets squared away for our first game of the season, started reading a gem of a book I discovered and made sure I had myself a couple of new shirts for the season. Priorities – right?

Tickets for (our) first game of the 2016 season – can’t wait! 
Required reading for the opening week of baseball…at least, I think…
I might be ready now. I might. 

The weekend was (if it’s even possible) even more relaxed than the week itself! I spent my Friday evening at my friend Jennie’s house, eating pizza and brownies (and of course, pickle dip) and watching X-Men: First Class. When I came home from movie watching, Watson and I watched several episodes of The Office on Netflix…enough that Netflix prompted me with “are you still watching” and I decided that might be a sign to let it go and go to bed!

I actually slept “late” on Saturday, I made it all the way to 8:30 before waking up! It’s really the small victories people. I drank my coffee and watched The Office before getting ready for the day and settling in to watch a pre-season baseball game on MASN. Once I’d seen three of the five homers that the Nationals put up against the Twins for their final exhibition game, I hopped in the car and did a little afternoon shopping before coming home and eating out with my parents to celebrate my Dad’s 54th birthday!

Watching “The Office” with Watson on Friday night. 

A crazy wind blew in late Saturday evening…and when I mean crazy; there were moments when the wind was blowing so hard that I could feel the house “shaking”. A piece of metal trim on my parent’s townhouse whipped free of it’s bindings and so; to keep it from smacking against the house all night, my Dad pulled the end through the window and closed the window almost all the way…holding it in place. It gave the house a really lovely look on Sunday morning…grade A classiness, to be sure.

Another thing that gave the house a really lovely look on Sunday morning? The dusting of snow that arrived with the gale force winds in the middle of the night! I opened my windows and was absolutely shocked to see everything covered in a thin blanket of white – snow in April. What in the world? Granted, by early afternoon you’d have never known it snowed at all…so, there’s that.

Our house, looking ever so classy on Sunday morning. 
Snow. On April 3rd. *sigh*

The rest of the weekend passed without much event – I took a power nap on Sunday afternoon and finally finished reading a book I’ve been working my way through for the past couple weeks. After watching a couple episodes of The Office, taking a bubble bath and eating a handful of trail mix for dinner (seriously – still too full from lunch at the Blue Wing Frog) I was in bed before ten in preparation for another week. 

So – as you can see – a very calm week. I can’t help but think how nice it is to have calm weeks but I also know with Spring in full swing (in spite of the snow) and Summer already on the horizon, baseball season fully getting underway today and friends and family galore – calm weeks and weekends are not something I have on the horizon – but I think that’s perfectly fine. I enjoyed this calm week and I’m looking forward to the adventures on the horizon!

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