Five on Friday

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Friday is here once more – and while the temptation to do something cutesy and silly and then say “April Fools” was definitely there…I’m going to pass. This edition of Five on Friday is basically baseball related things sandwiched in between personal hygiene and fitness. Riveting – I know! So, let’s just get right into the five things on my mind this Friday….

One. Cetaphil – Yes, that’s right…the first thing on my list is face wash. Can you tell that this Five on Friday will no doubt be riveting?? I will confess, I have seriously dry skin and it seems like with everything I buy to wash my face, it either irritates it because it’s too harsh…or does nothing for me because it’s too gentle. I’d heard so many people praise Cetaphil and so I finally tried it out – and I’m 100% sold! My skin looks great and it’s not drying out my face – both wins for me – so I’m now a dedicated fan.

Two. Nats Talk on the Go – Which is a podcast that I stumbled upon and of course, they discuss all things related to the Nationals. And I think we all know that I’m completely in love with that. A new episode downloads to my phone each week and I sit at my desk and listen to two random guys discuss all things baseball. I feel like I should reach out to them and tell them they need to add a girl to the line-up… I could discuss baseball. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Especially Nationals baseball.

Three. 100 Things Nationals Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die – A book I plan to read voraciously over the next few days…because I’ve got to know all the things I need to know…and do…ha-ha! I just received this book on Thursday, so I’ve only glanced at the chapters but I’m pleased to say I think I’ve already done one or two and I’ll be doing a third in July. I’m thinking this book will spawn it’s own blog post where I can keep track of the things I’ve done…and the things I still need to do! Yay baseball!

Four. Movie Night – Honestly, this is because I can’t think of much else…perhaps it’s because it’s almost the weekend and my brain has almost shut off? I’m spending my Friday night watching a movie with my friend Jennie. There will be pizza, pickle dip (don’t knock it until you’ve tried it) and brownies involved…so I really don’t see how it won’t be a complete win. Combine that with big plans to sleep late on Saturday (which means I’ll probably wake up at 7:15) and I’m thinking the weekend is off to a good start already.

Five. Fitness Friday – I think I’m almost to six miles over the past four days of this week…so I’m feeling like I’m getting back into the swing of things, which feels really nice. It also feels really nice not to freeze to death while I’m walking! I have struggled this week with some tingling and numbness in my feet when I walk…which is definitely freaking me out…so if you read this and have any idea what that is about, feel free to share your thoughts! The plan is to keep on keeping on, walking and working up to more jogging, trying to eat healthier and drink more and more water. So, we’ll see how this keeps playing out!

So…this was maybe a less than stellar outing for Five on Friday…but I’ll blame it on the slow work week that has left my brain a little slow. True story. And the weekend is coming…so my brain is really dialing it down. Ha-ha! Until next time, enjoy your weekend!ย 

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