The Flashback – March

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I don’t know about you – I feel like March absolutely flew by! The heaviness of Winter is starting to fall away and there are things to do…places to go… The weather is much nicer and beckons you outside to do and see and just be out and active once more. I think I accomplished that this March! Between flying down to Mississippi, spending time with friends and finally getting back into DC after what seems like months… March was a great month; not just this year, but for so many years that have gone by.


I survived “flying” the simulator! 
Posing for a quick snap at the formal dinner after graduation.
The Cherry Blossoms – 2016
So gorgeous this year!
Wine tasting at Phillip Carter Winery – delicious!
Goofing off in a thrift shop – because, why not?
Amelia doing her best to make sure she doesn’t smile at the camera…
Watson looking forlorn on what I’m sure was a rainy Spring afternoon….
Friday night camera fun with Micah!
Apparently this was my most liked photo on Instagram in March of 2014 – no doubt courtesy of Watson’s antics.
Lunch with a sweet friend on a Spring day!
Trying on hats with my partner in crime – love it!

Catching a bit of a chilly breeze at Harper’s Ferry
Just waiting in line at Georgetown Cupcakes…
At Meems Bottom Bridge – one of the oldest covered bridges in Virginia.
Food trucks and friends in Portland, Oregon!
An absolutely gorgeous backdrop in Astoria, Oregon…
Checking the vampire threat level in Forks, WA
Making a wish at Butchart Gardens in Victoria, BC
Rubbing the pig for luck at the Farmer’s Market in Seattle, WA
Getting in some baby snuggles with Ryleigh!
Eating celebratory dinner with Lindsey – Mexican I’m sure…
Shopping with Kristen on a Saturday afternoon at the Renaissance…
Posing with the Beauty Queen after her big win!
En route to the Smoky Mountains…a quick stop for waterfall pictures…
A sister pose at Elkmont…before we began exploring…
Pay attention – you’ll see something like this again soon…
A quick snowstorm in March – in Mississippi…because why not?
Home Sweet Home – in the snow.
Lindsey asks the question “what is with this weather?”
Catching snowflakes with Kristen in Gatlinburg – Spring Break!
Goofing off in Cades Cove.
Such a fun trip!
The higher you go…the icier it is… whoosh!

Having dinner with Nickolee before seeing “Aida” in Jackson.
Goofing off in front of Belle Meade Plantation in Nashville – Spring Break
The Country Music Hall of Fame 
Exploring the cave dwellings in Colorado Springs…
We made it to the top of Pikes Peak for the first time – don’t we all look thrilled?
Lindsey’s very first visit to the Air Force Academy – ever. Spring Break!


I don’t even know where we are or what we are doing…ha-ha! 

And then there are the pictures I have that I know occurred in a March that has long since gone by…but the years on some of them are a bit fuzzy…So…they go in the section on this post known as March(es) of the Past… Most of which include pictures of me with some serious high school realness… Cracks me up! 
2003 (I think…)
Rainforest Cafe…maybe in Nashville? 
Posing so hard….ha-ha!
2002 (again…I think…)
I promise I’m not trying to squeeze her to death…ha-ha!
One of the many waterfalls in the Great Smoky Mountains – check out the bow in my hair!
Look familiar?
I’ll leave you with this… I look back at some of these pictures and it makes me think: I’m not the person that the seventeen…eighteen year old girl thought I’d be at thirty-one. I think I’m still reconciling myself with that. Life is funny in that way; it never quite turns out the way you think it will.

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