Watson Wednesday

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While we were recently in Mississippi for a few days, Watson went on a little “trip” of his own. One of the challenges of moving away from my extended family is that I don’t actually have a built in pet-sitter…which meant I had to find a kennel that I felt comfortable leaving my precious pup with.
Comfortable isn’t really the right word though – because I found Cavalier Kennels and I feel more than comfortable leaving him with the great people at this location. They honestly have a love for animals, spend time with the little critters in their care and I know Watson is being well cared for…which has allowed me to travel all the way to London without having to worry about my sweet pup. 
Watson says “hi Mom – see, I’m totally fine.”

One thing I especially love about Cavalier is that they post pictures of the pups under their care on their Facebook page. I can peek in on Watson every few days to see his sweet little chocolate eyes and that precious face and know he’s 100% fine – most likely frolicking in the big backyard and having a delightful time.

I can’t slow down for a picture – I have running to do.

Have you ever left your pet at a kennel? I was definitely unsure about kennels until I found Cavalier and now I hope I’ll never have to look anywhere else!

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