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I was obviously too busy living life this week to take much in the way of pictures – I have  five that I can actually pin to this past week, so there isn’t much to offer for those of you who are visually inclined. I’m trying to think what I might have been doing this past week that kept me so distracted but I honestly can’t say.

I think I can’t say because I wasn’t doing a thing. Ha! I was just living life.

Absolutely gorgeous blue skies on Monday! 

This week finally started to feel like Spring and it was absolutely wonderful! All week long the temperatures climbed higher and higher…it sorely tempted me to break out my sandals and short sleeve shirts but the weekend forecast gave me pause. 

Tuesday…or shall I say Super Tuesday was this past week and like a good citizen of these great United States I went out to my local polling place to vote. I have to say, I expected things to be hectic…especially since I went after work. I waited about thirty seconds before being called up to cast my vote and then it was on to grab supper and head home and watch Fixer Upper – because I do love Chip & Jo!

Did you vote? I did! 🙂

The rest of the week passed fairly quickly…and easily…which is always nice. I’m sure this post is boring y’all to tears, but honestly…there just wasn’t a lot going on last week! 

Thursday morning I text a goofy picture to my sister and I was holding a mug I bought while we were in London – which is covered in Shakespeare’s insults – and I love it. One of the best insults (in my humble opinion) is “Thou Art An Ass” and my sister immediately text me and asked if the mug I was using was the one with the word “ass” on it. So, I obliged her by turning the mug around and sending her another snapshot. Yes ma’am – I’m using that mug with the word “ass” on it, ha-ha!

Oh hello snow – why are you here again?

All week long, while enjoying the glorious Spring-like temperatures in the upper 50’s and lower 60’s, I kept looking at the weather forecast – which promised snow on Friday. I was crossing my fingers and toes and arms…all the crossing because I really didn’t want to deal with more snow. I’m sorry but I’m of the mindset that if you receive almost four feet of snow in one storm, that’s really enough snow for the whole Winter. Obviously Mother Nature does not agree and so on Thursday evening, the snow started spiraling down out of the sky…

I woke up on Friday morning to a world lightly coated in white but thankfully, the roads were not coated. By the time the end of the day rolled around, you’d have never known there was snow all over the place that morning…and I’m hoping that this little dusting was the fond farewell from Winter and we won’t see anymore white stuff until at least October…hopefully later. You just never know around here though!

Pretty…but pretty sure it’s time for the snow to go.

If I’m being honest – the weekend was spent doing two things: watching House of Cards and shopping. Both absolutely wonderful things to do! I managed to handily convert my parents to House of Cards fans shortly before the 3rd season started last year and so after eating out on Friday night, we commenced watching the fourth season.

Saturday morning involved sleeping in, more than one cup of coffee and watching some DaVinci’s Demons before joining my Mom for a very successful afternoon of shopping – dresses, tops, shoes and even some jewelry were purchased and I’d say I’m more than prepared for not just our visit to Mississippi this week but also Spring as a whole. 
Sunday was church…relaxing…more House of Cards (we watched it on Saturday night too…ha-ha!) and ending out the day with the series finale of Downton Abbey. All in all, a lovely week and a restful weekend. 

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