Five on Friday……

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It’s finally Friday! Which means it’t time for another edition of Five on Friday – I’m linking my post with April over at A. Liz Adventures and Christina at Carolina Charm…two blogs I love! If you have a blog and want to join along, feel free. Just use the logo below, write about five things that are on your mind this Friday and use the linky tools on April or Christina’s blogs to join in!

One. Hart Filled Designs – I don’t know about y’all…but I love me some Etsy! You can find the most unique and awesome gifts and so far (fingers crossed on this one…) I’ve never gotten something that I didn’t absolutely love! I stumbled onto Hart Filled Designs after searching for “Washington Nationals” and this wreath immediately caught my eye! I waited a while before taking the plunge and purchasing it but I’m so glad I did. The wreath is so well made…from REAL baseballs…and looks so great! If you are a baseball fan – you need one of these! She makes them for every team in the MLB (although why you’d want anything but a Nats wreath…I can’t figure out, ha-ha) and even makes plain baseball wreaths as well. Check her shop out – it’s great! 
Not the best lighting – but yea – still glorious. 
A little funny for you – because I’m so goofy. I knew this wreath was made out of baseballs…but…I had this grand plan to take it to work and hang it from my office door. With a command hook. I’m fairly certain this bad boy would rip a command hook right off the wall…because it weighs a ton! Or whatever twelve baseballs bound together with heavy duty wire weighs… I’ll have to look for other options for hanging it because baseball season is almost upon us!

Two. Vote – This past Tuesday was Super Tuesday! Four years again when we were crawling towards a Presidential election, I still lived in Mississippi and Super Tuesday was just something that was talked about on the news all day long! This year, it meant I had my chance to get out and cast my vote. I cruised to my polling station after work, filled in the little bubble, fed my vote into the machine and got myself a sticker!

Having done all that – I must admit, I’m a little afraid of how this election is going to turn out. I guess only time will tell, right?

Too cheesy with my sticker!

Three. The Oscars – Which I didn’t even watch but I must have read ALL the articles on it after the fact. I usually love watching every minute of the program but this year I wasn’t interested…for so many reasons. Chief among them: I didn’t want to stay up until midnight (or later), the only award I was really interested in seeing was Best Actor (as long as Leo won – he did!) and I was too caught up in DaVinci’s Demons. Reading the recaps…I’m pretty sure I didn’t miss much. I was able to watch Leo receive his award in a recap and look over all the gorgeous dresses at my leisure…so – it was a win for me.
This CRACKS me up.

And while I’m mentioning the Oscars – I need to mention Leo and Kate. My sister and I have a running commentary on them…every time they are together, how perfect they are together (we think) and we are in agreement they should just go ahead and be together. I am 100% positive the reason Leo has never settled down is because no one else is Kate… right?? Or…maybe it’s the thirteen year old in me who saw Titanic SEVEN times (eek!) and would prefer to “never let go” of Jack and Rose?
Four. Girl Scout Cookies – Are these things just everyone else’s downfall? I mean, I cannot deny myself the things! What is up with that?? My personal favorite is the Tagalong – because how can you not love chocolate and peanut butter? I may be too fond of them though…because I had a slight freak out when I went in for some of them and realized FOUR had already been eaten! Four! And they only give you fifteen in a box! See what I mean? Girl Scout Cookies…they are NOT cool. 
But…I’ll take another box (or five) of Tagalongs…if you have them. Ha!
Five. Fitness – This week was not the week y’all. No excuse really…I just didn’t have free time as soon as I got home from work and by the time I’d eaten supper and gotten “settled in” for the evening, I just couldn’t motivate myself to go down to the basement and get on the elliptical. I’m really needing Spring to arrive so I can get outside! Getting outside is key for me because I like being outdoors, actually going somewhere when I walk/jog. So – maybe next week? Ugh. Fail.
I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend! Monday will be here before you know it – so enjoy it!

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