Too Good Not to Share

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I suppose you could call this “sloppy blogging” or “lazy blogging”…but the cold I manage to get every Autumn without fail has arrived. And yes, I realize it’s March. I thought I’d escaped the wrath of the dreaded cold and was going to make it out alive…but alas, it seems my cold was just waiting for the Spring to pop in and say hello!

That or the ridiculous weather we’ve been having has really done a number on me. I’ll let you choose. Beyond that, here are some articles, memes, blog posts and genereal random nonsense that I have been loving this week and thought were too good not to share.

Too Good Not to Share – Edition One

Have y’all ever visited the blog Motherhood and Muffintops? I can level with you: I know nothing about motherhood…and I sadly know more than I’d like to about muffintops (both the edible and non-edible kind) and this Blog post about sick days absolutely cracked me up! It was like Joni had crawled inside my head. Go read it, crack up and tell me it doesn’t bring back all of the feelings you used to have about sick days!

Next on the list – this Facebook post – courtesy of a man named Jay Allen…who learned firsthand the importance of putting the toilet seat down….

    It makes me cry happy tears every time I see it…mostly because I’m laughing so hard I’m crying.

    This article – I am not one to wildly wave my political opinions around; mostly because I can’t stand the way people argue non-stop about politics and I’d rather not be caught up in the middle of that – but I thought it was just too in line with my thoughts and feelings about the current political situation not to share it.

      Read the article here:

      I also have to share this video – it’s about a year old but still hilarious – Max Schrezer  bet Gio Gonzalez he wouldn’t say “meow” ten times during his interview with MASN’s Dan Kolko. Gio isn’t one to back down…so for three minutes, he uses the word “meow” flawlessly in this clip.

      If you watch Max – you’ll see his counting up the meows as the interview rolls along… I can’t wait to see what kind of antics come from this year’s Spring Training/Spring Training games. Hopefully some wins! 
      Last but not least…if you’re looking for a blog to check out, I’d highly recommend going over to check out Julia’s blog, My Life in Transition. She has three of the cutest kiddos and I love reading about her life juggling work, marriage, three kids and a dog in the frozen tundra (kidding – sort of) of Wisconsin!
      Check out her blog here:
      So – that’s all for my lazy blogging on this Thursday. I think it’s about time I took a couple more pills; I’m starting to feel a little less than stellar and I have work to do. Yahoo for colds! NOT.

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