What I was Into in February

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Another month has come and gone – hopefully Winter is waving good-bye and all things warm and wonderful are on the horizon! This past month has been a bit more full than January and I know March will be even more so. There are so many wonderful things to look forward to and so many things I enjoyed this past month! 

Books I Read
Me Before You by JoJo Moyes – This book wasn’t even on my radar and then Lindsey shared the trailer for the movie Me Before You (inspired by the book…obviously) and I absolutely had to read it. The story follows Louisa Clark as she takes a job as a caregiver to Will Traynor – a man who once lived a vibrant life but now lives life from a wheelchair as a quadriplegic and needs daily and sometimes hourly care. The story unfolds further when Louisa discovers that after two years of struggling, Will has given his parents an ultimatum: he will live for six more months and then they must take him to Dignitas; a hospital in Sweden that allows for assisted suicides. It becomes Louisa’s mission to convince Will his life is still worth living…and it’s pretty heart-wrenching.

After You by JoJo Moyes – This book is the follow up to Me Before You…and honestly, I feel like I can’t say much more or it will ruin the events of the first book. So…oops! Go grab these and read them, so you too can find out!

The Kingmaker’s Daughter by Phillipa Gregory – Book four of six in the Cousins War series; the series follows the War of the Roses and the women who lived through the battle between York and Lancaster to win and hold the throne of England. *this one is technically in the process of being read…so it is straddling the line between being read and waiting to be finished…ha!*

Books in the Queue
The White Princess by Phillipa Gregory – Book five of six in the Cousins War series.

The King’s Curse by Phillipa Gregory – Book six of six (yahoo!) in the Cousins War series! 

*I planned to be much further through this series at the end of February…but I got derailed by JoJo Moyes and her books!*

Can’t Miss Television
Scandal – The adventures of OPA and company finally came back on in early February and I can’t wait to see where this story goes… Fitz and Olivia seem to be on the rails..if not for good then at least for a while; Olivia even appears to be teaming up with the other (better…in my opinion) Grant and that alone should provide endless entertainment. It’s almost election season and I can’t wait to see what kind of battles the gladiators will face during this back half of season five!

Ellen’s Design Challenge – This was a find from early 2015 and my Mom and I were delighted to see it was back for a second season. We’ve been watching this on Monday evenings and so far I think I actually have enjoyed the second season a wee bit more than the first. However; as with all shows that function as a competition, I’ve developed my favorites and pinned villainous ambition on others. I can’t wait to see who will come out on top when it’s all said and done.

Downton Abbey – Only one episodes of the adventures at the abbey left before this show is done for good…and after the second to last episode aired on February 21st, the last episode has a LOT to make up for. At least for me. I’d like to see everyone finally get a happy ending (not just Mary the ice queen) before Carson closes the doors to the Abbey for the last time. Is that too much to ask?? Also – I’m going to need Edith to basically become a Queen…or else. Ha!

Fixer Upper – I have such a crush on Chip and Joanna Gaines and managed to soak up every episode of season one and two in record time…and I’ll be so sad when season three ends! I love looking at their design ideas; everything from the way they arrange the furniture to the styling of the rooms is fascinating to me…even more so since I’ll have my own space/rooms to style and organize in the coming months! Now if only I could find my very own Chip Gaines…at least, a Godly man who maybe eats less roaches off the floor of old houses. *shudder*

The White Queen – This series was on Starz about three years ago and sadly only had one season; which blows my mind because it is SO good! The series follows the women of York, Lancaster and Tudor through the War of the Roses (yep – based on the books above that I’m in the process of reading) and I gobbled up all ten episodes off Amazon Prime pretty quickly. If you love historical fiction…especially when it involves British royalty…this would definitely be a show you’d need to check out! So excellent!

And then my friend Lilah mentioned this… what?!? 🙂

Movies I Watched
The Choice – I am an absolute sucker for a Nicholas Sparks book…and of course, when they turn those books into movies, I’m also more than happy to line up and see how it translates to the big screen! The Choice wasn’t a Sparks book that stood out in my mind too vividly but the movie; the movie most certainly changed that, for the better! I loved watching Travis and Gabby’s story unfold on the big screen and I’ll have to add this one to my home movie collection. So good! Go see it!

How to Be Single – I took myself to see this on Valentine’s Day…it only seemed appropriate. I thought this movie would be very different from what it actually was; based on the previews I wasn’t expecting it to be so….heartfelt, I even cried near the end! The movie follows several different ladies who are all dealing with the single life in very different ways and really just (overall) encourages ladies to enjoy their time as a single woman…embrace being awesome on your own. And I get that…although it’s a little harder to digest at thirty-one than it is for someone in their mid-twenties. Oh well. Still an awesome movie. I loved it!

Deadpool – This movie was hilarious. I went into this movie with…I don’t know what kind of expectations…but I enjoyed this movie SO much and cracked up! The story follows smart mouthed mercenary Wade Wilson whose terminal cancer diagnosis leads him to seek the help of a group of scientists that promise to cure him of his illness…all while turning him into a “super soldier”. Wilson is tortured in an effort to make his genes “mutate” and finds out the scientists could care less if he lives or dies…much less that they cure him. They manage to cure him…and in the process render him something like immortal…allowing his body to heal itself again and again…and allowing Wilson to seek out vengeance on the people who tortured him
Gods of Egypt – I went into this movie with little to no expectations – it has received horrible reviews but I really didn’t care. I love all things related to/about/referencing ancient Egypt and I also love Nikolaj Coster-Waldau…so I was in from the moment I read about the casting two years ago. Seriously. The story follow’s the god Horus’ quest to reclaim his eyes (and thus his power) from his uncle, the god Set – who has enslaved Egypt and placed himself on the throne in the place of Horus. Horus must ally himself with a clever mortal named Bek to attempt to break into Set’s Temple, quench the power Set takes from the desert and win back his throne. It’s flashy, at times crazy cheesy and filled with tons of action – I loved it. It definitely falls into the category of “fantasy action to distract your brain”…and I thoroughly enjoyed being entertained for two hours.

Music I Listened To
Adele – I’ve listened to a lot of Adele this month…for no other reason than that I love her music.

Bear McCreary – this is the composer for the music from not only Outlander…but as I discovered this month, DaVinci’s Demons. I love instrumental music and I’ve been listening to a lot of his music between the Outlander and DaVinci’s soundtracks…

K-Love – this continues to be a constant…I usually keep my radio tuned here and so when I’m not listening to something I’ve downloaded onto my phone, I’m listening to this.

Yummy in My Tummy
Smoked Butterscotch Latte – Of course something from Starbucks is on this list, ha-ha! I was intrigued by this from the moment I read about it…but when I heard that it basically tasted like Butterbeer…well, I was sold. It doesn’t taste “just” like Butterbeer…but it is coffee and it did taste delicious. And that’s really all I need if we’re being honest! 

Tomato Soup – I have been on a serious kick with tomato soup this month! I don’t know what it is, but it’s just absolutely delicious and I love it. My family would not believe that I’d be the child that consumed tomato soup in copious amounts…but I’ve also discovered another something this month that I’ve craved…which has blown my families’ minds…

Salad – seriously. I have not eaten anything resembling a leafy green vegetable for the past thirty-one years and some odd months of my life but suddenly, I love it! Well…I’m growing to love it. It has to be fixed in a very certain way…and then I love it!

What I’m Looking Forward To
Spring – I know I can’t be the only person that is looking forward to warm breezes, flowers blooming, birds twittering and longer days…right? I am pretty tired of the cold and snow, so I’m hoping the groundhog is going to prove himself and we will get that early Spring he promised!

House of Cards Season 4 – Frank is back…and I can only assume badder than ever. Honestly; I’d ask if Frank could get worse, but I don’t really want to know the answer! I’m kidding – I definitely want to know that answer! I don’t see myself making it through all thirteen episodes in one weekend like I did last season, but I can’t wait to see what nefarious plans Frank and Co. have up their sleeve(s) this season… And if you are a Netflix fan and haven’t gotten into this show yet – you need to get to work! Seriously – SO GOOD.

Spring Training Baseball games – Which will be broadcast on MASN…which means I can start getting my baseball fix sooner than I thought! The first game airs on the 10th of March, but I’ll be in Mississippi and I’m pretty certain MASN isn’t a regular channel in good ol’ Mississippi…so I’ll be waiting until March 19th to finally see how my Nationals are looking on TV before I catch them in action live in early April! I’m looking forward to the crack of the bat…the roar of the crowd… I think you get where I’m going with this, huh?

A visit to MS – to see my splendid little sister graduate from pilot training! This time we are flying the friendly skies, so the travel portion should (hopefully) go quicker than the drives we’ve done on previous visits. I’m looking forward to seeing family and maybe some friends…we’ve discussed taking in an MSU baseball game…and y’all know I can’t turn down baseball, so I’m always good for that. I’m looking forward to stopping in at the shops Lindsey has turned me on to in Mississippi and enjoying a few days of warmer (hopefully not hot) weather!

Girls Mountain Weekend – It’s been over ten years since I graduated from high school and cruised to the Smoky Mountains with my best friend to celebrate…but we are going to “recreate” that trip at the end of March and I cannot wait! A weekend to soak up Spring in the mountains and just chat, eat some delicious food and probably do a little shopping. I absolutely can’t wait!

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