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Talk about a week making a complete 180 – well – at least where the weather was concerned. Everything started off snow covered and ended on a decidedly warmer note…and while the snow has looked lovely, I’m ready for the groundhog to prove his prediction of an early Spring – I’m ready for sunshine!

Winter White
Watson feels like perhaps this isn’t really the way you wear this coat…

Monday was a holiday – oh happy day – and it was enjoyed in a truly lazy fashion, mostly because it snowed for most of the day and there wasn’t really too much point in trying to get out in the snow and slush. Even the promised shopping deals didn’t offer much to tempt me from leaving the house any further than it took to walk Watson around the yard in the snow. I didn’t do much on Monday besides reading, watching some television and otherwise being lazy – and it was glorious! My Mom and I “celebrated” President’s Day with me introducing my Mom to the final nine episodes of Scandal on my Amazon Prime account…and she was able to get caught up before Scandal came on again on Thursday night! So – even if the president we celebrated with isn’t actually a “real” president, it still counts for something…right?

Ice – no thanks.

The light fluffy snow of Monday turned into sleet and freezing rain late on Monday night and continued through Tuesday morning until almost 10 AM – which meant a later than usual start for our office because honestly, driving on a sheet of ice is a pretty quick way to get yourself in a wreck. Snow is one thing…ice is something else entirely! The sun came out around 10 and within less than two hours, all the ice was melting…melting…melting…faster than a witch doused in…well, you know. The drive into the office was pretty easy but walking from the car into the office was a whole different story – had I only known how much ice would still be coating the sidewalk and brick pavers, I’d have found some skates to strap on! Obviously I made it into the building without any injuries…although it was touch and go from time to time…and the work week was uneventful after that…

Yummy supper.

Yummy supper – not to be confused with the horrible sandwich I picked up for my Mom on Tuesday evening. Y’all, I will be the first person to declare that I love Panera Bread with all my heart but they did us wrong on Tuesday night when they made a to-go sandwich with some ham that was so old it actually smelled! So that dinner didn’t really go as planned, but I happily shared my grilled cheese and we moved on. My parents passed on going to church on Wednesday night since half their congregation had come down with some kind of 36 hour bug…instead we went right up the street (literally – sometimes I walk up this street) to Houlihan’s and had supper and this dinner was a success because everyone’s food was lovely and fresh and delicious. 

And I’ve now realized at this point that half my post is about food and well…I don’t know what else to say about that. It is what it is, I suppose.

Friday morning vibes.

The rest of the week was pretty uneventful and on Friday night we decided to try out an Irish pub in one of the small towns nearby. Yes – I know – food again. What in the world?? Oh well, the food at this pub was absolutely delicious and the atmosphere was pretty delightful too! The pub is located in an old (read: like 1700’s old) bank and so the brick walls, the wood floors, even the old safe that they were using to store alcohol…it just really made for a cool location. It didn’t hurt that the food was yummy and the people were friendly! I convinced my family we needed to make a Target run afterwards and for the most part the visit was all well and good…until I decided to grab myself some creamer… The lid was not screwed on the creamer well and of course, I was carrying the creamer by the lid. It unscrewed, slid out of my hand and smacked onto the floor with a loud splat. Creamer had splashed it’s way all the way the side of my black jeans, almost to my knee. *sigh* After that was all said and done, we went home and I was asleep before 10:30 because I’m an old lady, ha!

His face of mistrust – it says “you only gave me this because you’re about to  leave me…”
Where to?

Saturday was absolutely gorgeous – blue skies, sunshine and temperatures that hovered right around 60 degrees! Birds were chirping and winter’s long dead plants were swaying in the gentle breeze that felt ever so much like a Spring breeze! We spent a large chunk of the day in nearby Manassas looking at and choosing carpeting, tile, backsplash, wood flooring…all that business…because if you were on Facebook at all this past Saturday, you’ll know my parents have decided to build a house. I’ll go more into that in a later post – suffice it to say, I didn’t know it would be so fun to pick out tile – and yes, I actually got to pick things! After stopping off in one of our favorite towns to grab a late lunch, we cruised through the Starbucks drive through so I could (finally) grab a Smoked Butterscotch Latte and I also picked up a couple cake pops. The verdict on the latte? If it would have been mixed a bit better, it would have been a dead-ringer for butterbeer…and I’m 100% down with that.

So – cake pops are pretty much delightful.

Saturday night was again pretty “tame” – I did laundry and watched episodes of Fixer Upper – I’m a little bit in love with Chip and Joanna Gaines. My parents (finally) joined me for a Sunday at MY church and afterwards we had lunch together…before spending the afternoon doing a whole lot of nothing. I took the first Sunday afternoon nap I’ve taken in literally months. Although, I think it only lasted about twenty minutes – ha! I did spend the lazy afternoon finishing up a book I’ve been reading for a bit now and after having some lovely pizza for dinner, closed out the evening watching the DisneyLand at 60 and of course…Downton Abbey! 

So – this past week was fairly tame as far as weeks normally go. The weekend itself was extremely chill and the weekends have been that way this Winter. My family is normally on the move; there are so many things to see and do, I already have a growing list of things I want to do as Spring arrives. I know we’ve been a lot more “chill” these past few weeks because my Mom has been in a cast…and looking back, I’m glad for that. It’s good to have the chill time…because I already know that there is so much coming up…and I can’t wait!
I’m sure in a month I’ll be telling you I’ve missed the laziness…but that will be a lie…ha-ha! Winter is starting to move on, Spring is coming and these lazy weekends are about to be a thing of the past…and personally, I can’t wait! 

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