Five on Friday

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Friday seemed to arrive much quicker this week – which I’m sure had something to do with this being an already short week…that was shortened even more by snow and ice! Now if only the weekend ahead wouldn’t pass as fast as I am already imagining it will…

One. Nationals Promotional Schedule – This has actually been on my mind for almost a week now…the promotional schedule was released at the end of last week and I’ve been perusing it to see what games I need to attend this year. What is a promotional schedule, you ask? It’s the schedule for the home games with the promotions (read: free things) for each game listed on the schedule. So far, I’m definitely planning to be at the NL MVP Bryce Harper bobble head giveaway game and of course, I’ll be making a point to attend Star Wars day at Nationals Park for the 2nd year in a row.

Two. Grier Upholstered Linen Bed – This could also be labeled as “my new bed”! When I moved to Virginia, I didn’t bring a bed frame; my parents had two perfectly good ones and it was one less thing to have to cart from MS to VA, so I’ve been on the hunt for a bit now. I found a headboard I loved at Ikea…but didn’t jump on it quite quick enough because I checked back last week and it was gone! However, earlier this week my Mom sent an email my way from World Market – their bedroom furniture was 50% and this bed was at the top of the email! I dug into my savings I’ve been hoarding, took out a wee bit and placed my order! Can’t wait!

Three. Tomato Soup – I have been on a kick recently! And I don’t even like tomatoes that much…but tomato soup/tomato bisque…I am down! I had absolutely delicious tomato soup from Panera Bread on Tuesday night and then turned around on Wednesday night and had some equally lovely tomato bisque at Houlihan’s! And if I’m being honest…just typing this makes me want some more!  
Four. Old Navy Rock Star Jeans – as in, I now live in these things pretty much exclusively. At least on the weekends. I might have mentioned in my post yesterday that they were what I was “currently wearing” and let me tell you, when I find something I like, I stock up. So I have six pair…some of those six may even be two of the same pair…because I love them that much. Do you have anything in your wardrobe that you love like this? I know I can’t be the only person that shops like this…

Also – I randomly snagged this picture from the interweb – if they come out with these jeans in all these colors; Lord help me I will be in trouble. Seriously – I need hot pink jeans. So badly.

Five. Fitness Friday – This week is mostly nothing. I guess the past week’s frustrations really did get to me…because I have nothing to report for this week. It was snowy/icy on Monday and Tuesday, then on Wednesday and Thursday I thought about doing something…and then easily let myself get distracted into doing something else. I have no excuse – just a promise to myself that I’ll do better next week.

And – that’s all for this week! You can do Five on Friday too – just post about five things that are on your mind, use the logo pictured above and link up with one of the four blogs lsited on the logo! I usually link up with A. Liz Adventures but I also absolutely love reading Christina’s blog at Carolina Charm! 

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