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I don’t know what is going on in your neck of the woods (what does that mean I wonder – neck of the woods??) but here in Northern Virginia it’s that time of the year when I am ready for Winter to GO AWAY. It’s all well and good for just a bit…but I’ve reached a place where temps below about 40 make me cringe, the almost constant blustery breeze is making my skin scream and when I see snow in the forecast I want to throw up my hands and admit defeat. 
Besides that…here are some things I’m currently into…
:::Craving– The new Smoky Butterscotch Latte from Starbucks…mostly because I read an article this morning that said it was like Butterbeer…and y’all…that stuff is what dreams are made of. I see a Starbucks run in my future!
:::Drinking– All the water in the world. I have a Nationals Tervis that holds 24 ounces…and I’m trying to drink that thing at least three times a day. I also grabbed a six pack of Cran-Lemonade (were you thinking I was going to say beer…ha – no) and that stuff is to die for! I think I got my Mom hooked!
:::Looking forward to– Spring! I am ready for warm breezes, blooms longer days. Spring can’t get here fast enough!
:::Wearing– Old Navy Rockstar Jeans; they are pretty much my favorite thing at Old Navy, and that’s saying a lot since at least half of my closet is from Old Navy. I have these jeans in dark wash, light wash, gray and black…and maybe it is shameful to admit this…but I have six pair. Eek! 
:::Praying for– a sweet friend who has the flu…guidance in my life and knowing the Lord’s will for my life. Praying that my heart would mold to the will of the Lord for my life. Praying that the Lord has a good Christian man in the future for me…in His will for me. Praying over my heart in this season of Lent as I read 40 Days of Decrease.
:::Loving– life in general…spending the evenings cuddling with my puppy…the blessing of being able to spend time with my parents…

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