40 Before 40 – The Update.

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My list – which I haven’t forgotten about – and also haven’t updated in a while! I thought I’d go back over my list and see if there were any other things I’d done in the past few months that I could put a check mark on my list…and what do you know, there were!

Without further ado – I’ve updated my list of forty things I’d like to do before I turn the big 4-0!

40 Before 40
My List to be completed before October 6, 2024!
1. Get Married

2. Have at least one child

3. Buy a home

4. Visit London

Completed – December 25, 2015 through January 2, 2016

5. Fly in an airplane piloted by my little sister

6. See at least 45 of the 50 states (I’ve already seen almost 40)

7. Finish reading A Song of Ice & Fire series (George R.R. Martin, you better start writing!)

8. Eat in a restaurant alone.

9. Go to a baseball game at Camden Yards.

Completed – July 11th…ha-ha! And the Nationals won, 7-4!

10. Finish the cook book I started for my sister; print a copy for myself also!

11. See the Cherry Blossoms in DC.

Completed April 11, 2015

12. Travel to Australia & New Zealand

13. Go to an NFL game (preferably a team I like: the Saints, the Broncos)

Completed – November 15, 2015

14. Visit Scotland (it’s where my ancestors are from)

15. Recreate a portion of my Senior Trip with one of my best friends, Nickolee. Hey Nickolee,           do you want to go to the beach? Any beach at all… 🙂

16. See New England in the Fall (Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire,                       Massachusetts & Vermont)

17. I’d one day like to have a surprise birthday party!

Completed – October 4, 2015 – 31st Birthday

18. Go on a ghost hunt

19. Visit Boston

20. Try out camping – I’ve been assured I’ll like it…I’m not sure…

Completed – September 5, 2015 – Wasn’t really my thing….ha-ha!

21. See the Northern Lights (or at least attempt to see them…)

22. Travel to Africa

23. Spend the night in a castle

24. Visit the Grand Canyon (I’ve been once before – I wasn’t even 2 – so, I’d like to see it &                remember)

25. Go on a safari

26. Meet someone famous

27. Go to the MLB All-Star Game – it’s in DC in 2018…so…maybe?

28. Return to Vandenburg AFB to see where I was born

29. See the Taj Mahal

30. See Bletchley Park – site where Alan Turing built the first “computer” & broke the Enigma code.

31. See the fireflies in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

32. Host my family for a holiday (preferably Thanksgiving or Christmas)

Completed – Hosted Thanksgiving 2011, Christmas 2011 & Christmas 2013

33. Visit New York City at Christmas; riding the train to get there would be cool too!

34. Visit filming sites for Games of Thrones: Dubrovnik Croatia, Seville Spain, Belfast                        Ireland…

35. See the wild ponies that live on Assateague Island

36. Write something & have it published

37. Have 50,000 page views on this blog (I’m at around 28,000)

38. Lose weight/get fit/feel better about myself.

39. Have an Alaskan Husky (or a Siberian Husky)

40. Hike to the top of Signal Knob

Blue – Not there yet
Pink – In Progress
Green – Done!

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