Mind the Gap

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It feels like it was just yesterday…and it feels like a lifetime ago. I found some of my favorite pictures that my Dad took while we were in London…and if you’ll “mind the gap” between my post about London from over a month ago, here are a few more pictures from our time across the pond. I actually discovered that I’m in a few of them, ha-ha! I’m sure that has nothing to do with why they’re my favorite. 
The lion(s) of Trafalgar Square
Buckingham Palace
The view from the London Eye
Plotting our next move on the Tube…
The Bywater Tower at the Tower of London
London Sister Shot!
Cruising along the Thames
Windsor Castle
Warwick Castle
Two goons, posing in front of the portcullis….
The pub in Oxford where Tolkien and Lewis compared notes…
The Union flag flying high…
Happy New Year! 
Another picture of those same two goons.
Arriving at the Great Hall for supper, ha!
Can we go into Hogwarts now?
Obviously disgusted that this was the last day of our time in London.

I think I’m ready to go back now. I just had lunch with a friend who has been to London more than once…and she was naming things that I didn’t get around to doing…and seeing…and it just let me know, London is still unfinished business for me. I need to go back one day! Someday. 

So for now, I’ll just “mind the gap” until I can return to London town for round two.

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