Mission Cute: January

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I completely bailed on the December Mission Cute box – I’ll again blame the holiday festivities and the packing/build-up to traveling internationally. Everything I’ve got in that box has already assimilated it’s way into my day to day life, I don’t know if I could remember what I got anyway, ha!

My January Mission Cute box arrived on Friday – right as the snow was starting to fall (I’ll assume) and so I was pretty tickled to have something to “distract” me on what I knew would be a long weekend of being trapped by the snow. Granted; nothing in the box was necessarily anything that I could use a distraction, but it was still fun to have a package to open while the snow swirled around the windows….especially knowing it would be swirling around the windows for a while…

A little bitty box of joy – delivered monthly! 

I think I shared in my first post about Mission Cute – this company not only sends you a box of goodies each month, 50% of the proceeds from every box go towards a charity each month. If you are subscribed to Mission Cute, you can go online and help vote to choose what charity will receive the month’s proceeds – the month of January supported Urban Light. A bit about them from their website:

Urban Light is a For-Purpose organization based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, dedicated to rebuilding, restoring and empowering the lives of boys who are victims of sex-trafficking, child prostitution and commercial sexual exploitation. Through our youth center we are able to provide necessary social services and supports needed to obtain opportunities outside the exploitative grasp of sex-tourists and absent social services. Our formula for empowerment includes Resources + Community = Progress.

There are so many of these type boxes that can be subscribed to; I’m glad to know that I’m not just supporting my desire to get fun mail each month. As much as I love to get the neat things that they send, I also like to read about the charity that is being supported; there are so many people in the world that need help, by supporting the mission of Mission Cute I can support multiple charities and get fun mail.

Great Thought a Day notepad – so cute!

The largest item in the box was a fat note pad in pale pink with gold lettering that said “A Great Thought a Day” and that’s exactly what this little note pad provides. There are 365 sheets and each sheet has a different quote on the bottom of the page – so, you can write your great thoughts above the great thought for the day. I’ve sat this on my bedside table for now; I’m not sure what I’ll do with it just yet, but I think everyone can always use a note pad – and it’s just that much cooler if it’s cute!

Karam Foundation – Scents of Syria soap

One of the smaller items tucked into my January box was a soap from the Karam Foundation’s Scents of Syria collection. The Karam Foundation works to help people in Syria by providing education, entrepreneurial development and community aid – one of the ways they do this is by making bath and home products; the soap that I received smells wonderful and also has the most intricate pattern on it. If you’re interested in checking out the Karam Foundation, you can do so here. And then you too can have some wonderful smelling soap that helps support the Karam Foundations mission. Oh yeah – the word Karam means generosity in Arabic.

How cool are these? And they arrived just in time!

Fingerless gloves – talk about coming at the exact right moment! I initially thought these were just gloves, but as I pulled them open I saw that they were fingerless…which I kind of love! Wearing gloves sometimes drives me crazy because I feel like my hands are so clumsy in gloves; I know – get over it, right? These though – they’re great! They go well up my forearm so that they don’t slide out from under the sleeves of my coat and they extend down my fingers to provide a good bit of warmth. Granted, they weren’t what I reached for when shoveling snow, but they are a cute and warm alternative for when I don’t feel like pulling gloves on!

This tastes delicious – yum.

I am an absolute lip balm, lip gloss, lip anything addict, so this vanilla honey lip balm was a happy surprise! This lip balm is made with all natural ingredients; one of the main ones being coconut oil, so it feels wonderful going on and smells heavenly. I’m not sure what else there is to say about this one – except that I love it and I’ll probably use it up in no time!

I absolutely love this!

Of course – as I’ve mentioned before – Mission Cute loves an art print and this one; well I love it too! I don’t really have anywhere to place all these little art prints that I’m getting; I’d like to have a nice frame to put them in and be able to change them out. However, I first need more of my own space! I am a big fan of C.S. Lewis and his books and this quote is so perfect, reminding me that I don’t need to dwell on things in the past – look forward to the good things coming my way! 

And there you have it – my Mission Cute box for January! I so look forward to getting these each month and as soon as I’ve opened it, pored over the goodies and started using them, I’m looking forward to the next month! 
If you’d like to start a Mission Cute subscription – go here: http://www.missioncute.com/ and get started!

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