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Or – what basically amounts to me rambling about a million different things because that’s where my head is at present and I feel like yesterday was such an epic fail when it came to an actual post about things.

Like I said – yesterday was absolutely crazy. I have mad crazy anxiety about flying, work was one stress after another, there was the great shoe fiasco of December 2015 and I really wanted to talk about how awesome our showing of Star Wars was on Friday night and how delightful our jaunt into DC was on Saturday – but the day was just too much and I almost cried about five times yesterday and so it just couldn’t happen. 
Do you see what I mean? I’m absolutely 100% wound up and a large percentage of that is related to flying – because y’all, I’m not a fan. It’s essentially what amounts to be crammed into a large aluminum can and tossed across the sky – so; not really my thing. Remember before how I’ve mentioned I’m not like the rest of my family? Yeah – they love the airplanes – so much. And I’m over here like “where are my meds…I need those meds…oh my goodness, all the meds…” Moving on…

Y’all – we saw Star Wars on Friday night and I just loved it! I will not hesitate to tell you that I am a big ol geek…dork…nerd…whatever you want to call it. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…my Dad would pull out the original Star Wars trilogy on rainy Sunday afternoons and we’d watch them. I was also trained in the ways of the Force by using wrapping paper tubes as light sabers; my Dad can make a pretty epic imitation of a light saber and so – we were all set. I trained up my little sister to be strong in the ways of the Force and we’ve been geeking out in tandem for the past few weeks leading up to the release of Episode VII.

I want a Halloween costume this cool. Granted, if it was this cool I’d want to wear it more than Halloween.

I bought our tickets way back in late October and was spared the pain of waiting in line by my friend Jennie, who got in line at 3 PM for the 6 PM showing…and was the 30th person in line at 3 PM. I got off work at 5, cruised up the road to the theater and stood in line with her for all of five minutes before we were let into the theater. The experience was so great because the people at the theater really went all out – the manager (I’m assuming) would pop in every few minutes and loudly announce “twenty-nine minutes until episode VII” and everyone would cheer. About thirty minutes out, in came a Storm Trooper, Kylo Ren and Rey…and everyone was invited to come down and take pictures…which my friend Jennie and I did immediately. I may or may not have told (in full nerd admiration) them “you look amazing”. 

And oh my – when the first few notes of that familiar theme song swelled – I was hooked, as always. My theater was filled with fans and so when the Millennium Falcon appeared, everyone cheered. There were gasps and claps at all the right moments…when Han and Chewie came on screen, everyone was (rightfully so) elated. I thoroughly enjoyed all 2 hours and 15 minutes of my experience and I cannot wait to go see it again. Because yeah – I plan to do that.

We spent Saturday in DC – there is so much to see in DC on any given day and during the Christmas season that is certainly no exception. Our first stop – well wait, let me back up – we ate lunch at the Green Turtle and I proceeded to do one of the most ridiculous things ever. I got a cup of chili as my started and it arrived with jalapenos on it…or as our server called them: ja-lop-i-noes. I picked them out, one by one…because I dare not let them touch my mouth…and then, I licked my fingers! Oh, what a moment of failure that was…there was not enough liquid in the world to take care of the burn and my parents were absolutely cracking up. You’re welcome family – glad to provide entertainment.
The DC Holiday Market

Perhaps you’ll notice these pictures look better – and that would be because I took my brand new and shiny, real deal Panasonic Lumix camera into DC to take pictures. And yep, I do love that new camera. It will work just fine in London. Just fine. What won’t just fine are the Tommy Hilfiger all weather boots that I got thinking they’d be perfect for the London temperatures and weather – only to take them on a test “drive” on Saturday and end the day with blisters all up the back of my heels. Enter the great shoe fiasco of December 2015 that had me running all over town yesterday to try and find something that would work instead of the boots. *sigh* I did find shoes though – so rejoice.

US Botanical Garden – all done up for Christmas!
US Botanical Garden – all done up for Christmas!

We wandered all through the US Botanical Garden – which is a warm spot indeed. It might be 30 degrees outside and the wind is whipping around your face and you want to seek warmth as soon as possible – but hang out in the Botanical Gardens for about ten minutes and you’ll be wanting to head back outside. Seriously though – the Botanical Gardens are absolutely beautiful and if you’re ever in DC; especially if you’re in DC around Christmas, you should check them out.

US Botanical Garden – all done up for Christmas!
US Botanical Garden – all done up for Christmas!

The rest of the day was spent taking in the National Tree and checking out the decorations at the Willard Hotel, having dinner with some long time family friends and checking out the National Zoo’s Zoo Lights – which were a real delight. Granted; they’d probably have been more delightful if I didn’t have blisters on my heels…but hey, you have to keep on trucking, you know? I will say that as much as I loved my day in DC, I also loved getting in my bed at 11 that night…but that probably has a whole lot more to do with me absolutely loving my bed, ha-ha!

The Willard Hotel – absolutely gorgeous tree, right?
The National Tree – 2015
The White House – All decked out.
Zoo Lights 2015


And now, here we are…a little over forty-eight hours until my family boards a plane bound for London. I’ll be honest; the excitement for me will have to be forthcoming, and I don’t say that to sound ungrateful or downright strange. I don’t like flying so much and this will be the longest flight I’ve been on in…well, forever I suppose. 
I try not to get too stressed out about it but I guess that’s just how I’m wired. I was born into a family that love airplanes and think flying is all a delightful part of the vacation experience…and I’m over here like “I’ll just be glad when we get there…talk to me then..” Eek! 
I don’t know what you’d call this, but way back in late November I started to worry (I know – it’s a problem) and while out walking the dog, I was talking to Jesus and I just said “listen – from here on out, when I’m walking the dog at night…just show me three airplanes. Each time, three airplanes.” Now, that’s not really a huge request to ask of the Lord when I live an hour from DC, two hours from Baltimore and so close to three huge airports…but it was my request. And of course, without fail I’ve seen three (or more…usually more…) airplanes winging their way safely across the sky each night; except when it was cloudy, then I’d hear them but not see them and not think too much of it.
Yesterday was kind of nightmarish – I think I’ve mentioned that more than once. I went out to walk Watson last night and the sky was overcast; the moon was an almost completely blurred haze, a pinprick of indiscriminate light in the sky and I resigned myself to not seeing anything in the sky. But then…out of the clouds came one airplane…cruising along. I was pretty tickled with that and went on about the business of walking the dog. I’d seen a plane; that was enough for the overcast evening, right? Nope. A moment later, from another direction…here came a second airplane…through the clouds and on it’s way to it’s destination. And if you’ve guessed where this is going, good job. Because sure enough – just moments later a third plane came along…I could hear it first and then, it broke through the cloud cover; it’s light merrily flashing as if sped on it’s way… 
This has nothing to do with the story – except that he seems awfully calm…& at peace…& he’s so cute.

Was that the Lord’s way of telling me to chill out? To trust that everything is going to be alright? I’d like to think so, but I’m big on doubt and so I immediately hear those voices nagging me in the back of my mind. I’m trying to banish those voices as the days pass and our flight(s) draw closer…and if you think about me and those voices, feel free to say a little prayer for me…for our family and safe travels. I’ll appreciate it – even if I never know you’re praying. 


So – there you have it. The wild ramblings of my mind for the past few days. I’m trying to calm down, take in all the joy these days leading to Christmas will provide. To take in each moment of our trip to London – even the parts that aren’t necessarily my favorite. Please don’t take my musings on my fear of flying as me being ungrateful – I am SO excited to go to London. It’s quite literally a dream come true and I can’t wait. I just wish my Hogwarts letter had arrived and I’d learned how to apparate by now! Ha! 

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