This is Essentially A Photo Dump….

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….because if I’m being honest, this day has been some kind of hectic, stressful and nerve-wracking. I don’t have the brain function to string thoughts together today, so what I’m giving you is a whole bunch of pictures I took the past week…perhaps just posting this will serve as a brief point of decompressing for the day?

My childhood teddy bear, discovered somewhere in some box on Monday evening….

Cruising along…the mountains a blur out of the corner of my “eye”

The before & after of my rather dramatic hair transformation. Yes – it’s RED. I know. 

I loved it immediately & took about ten pictures…as did my hair stylist. Love.

The most delightful package arrived on Wednesday – and with it, a note letting me know something even more delightful would be arriving in March – baseball tickets!

It’s red y’all.

This sweet face – always doing something that makes me want to squeeze him.

I know – up close of my toes – what a weirdo. Isn’t that snowflake amazing though?

Star Wars business casual on Friday – because…DUH.

Why yes – I did race down to the front of the theater to have my picture taken with the Stormtrooper, Kylo Ren & Rey – because not that deep down (it’s not deep at all) inside, I’m a nerd.

A special Star Wars menu…my delicious Imperial Red & me being a little TOO excited  about the first Star Wars movies in ten years…

The sweetest little puppy sitting under the Christmas tree.

When my Mom says “your hair looks purple” – um…no, it doesn’t.

Just a wee sampling of the decorations at the US Botanical Garden for Christmas.

Seriously – aren’t these amazing?

A wee ice skating rink in the midst of the National Gallery Sculpture Garden!

I honestly have no clue – it was in the middle of the road & I liked it, ha-ha!

Zoo Lights – how cool? The zoo is all lit up, some of the animals are still awake & to me, that’s a pretty good situation right there.

The cutest Fennec Fox ever, asleep. He was sending subliminal signals – get out of the Small Mammal House…

Two of my favorite small people…singing solos at church…and my phone camera turned them orange & blurry. Blegh.

Amelia says “this is MY human now…go find another for yourself…”

What’s that Watson? You think my macaroons from the DC Holiday Market should be yours? Um – no.

These faces – always mean muggin; and she still looks cute!

Three spoiled rotten little sweethearts.

The best choice for a Christmas seat? The Star Wars bucket; obviously.

So – there you have it. A whole bunch of pictures, not a whole lot of stories. Sorry about that, but today has just not been it. Whoosh.

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