Five on Friday

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Friday is here – I don’t know about you, but this week absolutely sped by – I can’t believe it’s already Friday! I also can’t believe this time next week; not only will it be Christmas, but I’ll be celebrating in London! Wow. 
Anywho – here are five things on my mind today…on this lovely December Friday!

One. Star Wars! Star Wars opens today (I guess it technically opened at 7 last night…) and I’ll be parking my butt in a seat at the theater tonight at 6 to watch “The Force Awakens”. I’m SO excited and I even wore my very festive Darth Vader in a scarf shirt to work today! I can’t believe it’s been ten years since the last Star Wars movie came out…and to think, I certainly thought that would be the last Star Wars movie I’d be seeing! Only 8 hours and some minutes until my movie starts…and yes – I have a countdown on my phone. Are you seeing Star Wars this weekend? Have you already seen it?

If so – May the Force be with You!

So. Excited.

Two. Pedicures in Winter…not something I’ve ever thought too long and hard about; they don’t seem to last very long when you wear closed toe shoes. However, when my boss offered to send us all to get pedicures this week as a Christmas gift…who was I to say no? My toes are now a brilliant, sparkly red and one looks like a wee Christmas gift, while another has a delicate bejeweled snowflake. They’re pretty impressive – I just wonder, how long will they last since the temperature has dropped back into the 40’s and open toe shoes would look insane? Ha!

The blurriest picture in the history of pictures. Oops.
Three. London/Packing…of course, London is on my mind. What to take? What not to take? Will it all fit in my suitcase? Who knows? I found the most adorable shearling vest at Target last week and I had to pop back in to get it this week….because it will look so cute in London! My Mom’s response to this? You know you can only pack so much, right? *sigh* I do know…and I’ve got to weedle things down. Wish me luck as I cram…ahem, pack my suitcase in the coming days. I’ll need it.

Four. Christmas Cards, on my mind last week in a bad way…on my mind this week in a good way. I addressed and sent mine on their way at the start of this week and I’ve heard from a couple people who’ve already received theirs. I will admit; while I like this card, I don’t love it as much as I would have loved the one I originally designed…but Wal-Mart failed me and considering Staples stepped up in only three hours…I suppose this one is just as good. Excuse the (yet again) blurry picture…and please note how I also cut off my Mom in the bottom left when taking this picture…of a picture…

Another insanely blurry picture – I’m batting 100 today.
Five. Fitness has failed this week y’all. I’m being 100% honest. We had dinner and a birthday celebration on Monday night that didn’t end till almost 9…I was getting my hair done on Tuesday and didn’t get home until 7:30…and after that, well I don’t really have an excuse. I think I’ve resigned myself to taking a “break” until Christmas. I know we’ll walk from here to forever when we’re in London and once we’re home again, I’ll kick it back into gear. Tis the season, right? *sigh*

So – there you have it! My Five on Friday. You can join up too – just post about five things that are on your mind and share with everyone. You can link up with the ladies from A. Liz Adventures and Carolina Charm…and with me as well!
Happy Friday to everyone – and May the Force be with You! 

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